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    Looking for the Chun in the Basin of WA

    Hello everyone I live in the Columbia basin of Washington state, ( In the Moses lake area) I was wondering if you knew of any real wing chun teachers out my way or even in the Spokane area. I thought about Seattle but that is like a 3 hour drive each way. SO! thanks for the help. And good luck...
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    Lookin for gung fu in the middle of washington state.

    Hello I live in an area where there are no big schools that teach anything. I have looked even online and found nothing. I am how ever looking for a chinese art not a mixed art. I live in the Moses Lake area of WA. And was wonder if you all could help. I want to thank for your time.
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    Trying to find out about a teacher

    Hello everyone I have been trying to do some home work on a teacher by the name of Joseph Simonet. He claims to be a black sash in Wing Chun which is fine most people claim what ever they want anyway. However When I tried to find out who his sifu was. That was where the lead got cold. I was...
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    A complete newbie to the Bujinkan

    Hello everyone I am soon to be joining training real soon. And I was wondering is there any dues and don'ts as far as a student. Is there any books I should read and or stay away from. I am guess I should be reading things from Soke. And stay away from Mr. A. Kim. And to all thanks for the...
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    Training in Spokane or Wenatchee, Wa

    I have all ready looked on google as far as training in Genbukan or Bujinkan. But could not find anything so I thought I would ask you all if you know any thing as far as real teachers teaching in any of these orgs. I will admit to not knowing much about either orgs. And am looking forward to...
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    Just wanting some info

    Hi guys and gal's I might be spending some time in Seattle,WA and. I was wondering if any of you know of any good schools to check out as far as gung fu. I am kinda looking for something that has more of a circular background to it because. I myself have a hapkido background and I tend to go...
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    Wanting to find out the truth

    I mostly on the korean part of this forum. But I was wondering have any of you heard about this. And if it is true. I hope not.
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    A very cool person and some one I can call friend

    Hope you enjoy the story of a real cool guy.
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    Korean Styles in Washington State

    It is something I have been thinking about for some time. Why are there so few korean art in the Washington state. I mean yes there is TKD. But the biggies do not show them self here. Arts like HKD, KSW, HRD, HJMS (Hoi Jeon Moo Sool) And I was wondering is there a way we can change that. I my...
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    Hello to all at Martial talk

    I just wanted to say thank you for letting be a part of this fourm. I live in a little are of Washington called Moses lake. And I know there are no schools out that way. I was wanting to ask you all. After some time I will be moving to Seattle. I was wondering do you guys know of any good Choy...