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    The Gauntlet was a big success for the Second Harvest Food Bank and was featured on Channel 6 of...

    The Gauntlet was a big success for the Second Harvest Food Bank and was featured on Channel 6 of Orlando. =]
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    Martial Artists Fighting Hunger

    Just wanted to invite all martial artists to join our Facebook group for all martial artists "Martial Artists Fighting Hunger." We have a promo video on YouTube as well. We have received a lot of support in the community and have inspired other schools ourside of our state to collect food...
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    The date and venue have been set for September 5, 2009 at Lyman High School in Longwood, Fl, 32750. More information is available on the event blog.
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    Martial Arts Legislation In Texas!

    Hmm. I know of some martial arts schools that have "Movie Nights" where they watch movies once a month [usually on a Saturday night] while the parents can go for the evening knowing their children are in good hands. I guess this would stop that. Perhaps any "childcare" over a certain number of...
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    June 28, 2009 Demo

    I love the look on the kid's faces. They are so focused! Glad it worked our for you guys. XD
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    The event planning is getting well underway. Thanks to everyone who reads this post and passes it along to another martial artist. We can fight hunger in America one can at a time.
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    Thanks, I'd like to include you as a supporter on the event blog. If you have a website, please let me know what it it and how you want to be listed on the supporters page.
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    Thanks! I am still waiting to get the exact date and venue for the first event. It will be in late August in the Orlando area. Regardless of where you live, you can help out by posting the information in a blog or elsewhere online. I've made contact with people close to our area via internet...
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    We are forming a grass roots group to have martial arts challange events open to all styles with the cost of admission being a donation of food for the food banks in the area of the venue. We are still in the planning stages but want to set up a network of martial artists who are interested in...
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    Sorry to be so long in checking in. Actually, the kids do quite well. We do supervise them...

    Sorry to be so long in checking in. Actually, the kids do quite well. We do supervise them closely. They love to play and take to it right away.
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    Vipre Antivirus + Antispyware

    (Shudder) Just thinking of Norton makes me want to break out in hives... I had a devil of a time uninstalling it.
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    Martial Arts school management software?

    I have a trial of Martial Arts Organizer and it does a lot. It seems like there is a learning curve for most of the programs out there.
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    Looking for a Free Blog

    I use Blogger and track stats with Google Analytics. I link my webpage to my blog and also have other martial arts links.
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    Help! I Need Software!

    Thanks for your insight. =]
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    Help! I Need Software!

    I have been looking everywhere for a good software program that meets our needs (We are a martial arts team sport, comBATON). I need to be able to keep track of multiple students at multiple schools. I want the capability to make ID cards. I want to keep track of who's paid their dues, record...
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    Thanks! I added you too. =] I set up a twitter for my personal school website so I can post real time updates when away from my work computer with the Contribute software. Parents looking can see up to the minute updates but on this one I don't follow them back (It's a one-way tweet, lol) to...
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    anyone ever use this site

    I looked at it and I think you'd have to have the need to make a lot of appointments to justify the cost plus have something people really want. I also think most folks like a personal touch. My husband sets a lot of appointments as a property appraiser and he always talks to the people when he...
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    TKD but my husband started a multi-style martial arts team sport called comBATON which I spend...

    TKD but my husband started a multi-style martial arts team sport called comBATON which I spend all of my non-real job doing stuff for.
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    Anyone out there into twitter? I've just started and ran into some good martial arts folks out there. For instance, you could tweet whenever you posted here and your followers could read your posts instantly. If anyone wants to follow me, I'm at I follow martial arts...
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    Google Chrome (New Browser)

    Are there any privacy issues with it? Like saving all of your info (although google has archieved every search ever made) I think I've read that there are some issues. I use google every day but I think they know enough about me already, lol.
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    Frank Shekosky Modern Arnis Seminar - JAN 09

    Best of luck. It seems that stick arts are getting more popular all of the time or am I just getting more tuned in to them?
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    FCS Winter Gathering 2009!!!

    I hope you get a great turnout. I don't remember if I met you at the Disney Festival or not. I know I met Gigi. Too bad I didn't get to see you guys in action.
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    Weapons Seminar in Lake Mary, Fl

    Weapons Class January 31,2008 A weapons class will be held at the Lake Mary YMCA on January 31,2008 in Lake Mary, Fl. Nationally recognized weapons expert Master Kathy Weiczerza of Tennessee will teach the use of the cane among other weapons during this 3 hour seminar. Master David Turnbull...
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    Daily Life in Korea - Customs and Social Observations

    "Well, things have gone downhill there. Koreans are very possibly the worst drivers on the planet. I felt more safe driving in NYC than on most roads in Korea. Traffic signals are suggestions. This is complicated by the fact that there are very very seldom any police patrolling the roads. In...
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    My demo team on live tV 10/25/08

    Congrats and thanks for showing the world what the martial arts are about.
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    Recognized as a Discipline for Disney Martial Arts Festival

    Sorry we missed your event. We were on at the same time in different places. I was good to see you guys this morning at the opening ceremonies for KICK USA. =]
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    Friday Night at the Disney Martial Arts Festival

    comBATON the Martial Arts Team Sport will be a featured discipline for the first time this Friday (10/24/08) at 7 pm. comBATON is an inclusive sport for all kicking martial artists. There is a jujitsu component as well. The link below shows a game for those unfamiliar with this 4 year old sport...
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    Crash accident!!

    Same thing happened to me years ago. Did your doc order any physical therapy? They can do so much with tissue massage and elec stim these days. I just finished pt for foot surgery and I saw a lot of folks there for neck injuries and they were getting better faster than I did. And remember, as my...
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    DF: Why do teachers post education?

    I've seen this trend and wondered about it too. I have a M.Ed and probably wouldn't mention it unless it had to do with teaching experience. My grandmaster mentioned his but his major was physical education. He didn't have it when I started training with him though.
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    AAU Taekwondo Scrimmage April 5,2008

    I'm not sure. This was a tune up for the Florida AAU State Qualifiers so I think the date will be determined by the dates of the qualifiers. His webpage is and his myspace is The level of instruction that day was amazing. He...