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    A new Video on Kempo/Kenpo Blocking Systems/sets

    Hi folks! I posted a new video for "Kempo International" explaining it's misson and goals as well as demonstrating blocking systems/sets from various kempo/kenpo styles/systems. BEGOOD, KENPOJOE Go to youtube and look up "Kempo International ~Kempo Blocking Systems"

    Jerry Poteet passes away, 1/15/2012

    Sadly,This was placed on Jerry Poteet's facebook page: With heavy hearts, we are saddened to report that Sifu Jerry Poteet passed away last night in Los Angeles. His Flame is still burning bright now and into the future through our family, instructors, students, friends, and followers. As Sifu...

    HEARD ON THE NET:Did Jerry Poteet pass away?

    I was on facebbok literally moments ago and someone posted that Jerry Poteet had passed away? Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thank you for your time, KENPOJOE

    Family related techniques in tracy kenpo

    Hi folks! As of late, I've been researching the tracy system and working on the curriculum so I will have a more thourough understanding of the style when speaking to tracy kenpo practitioners. It's obvious that the element of "Family related" techniques is prevalent in the Tracy system as well...

    White Lotus Kenpo/Kajukenpo Pai Lum self defense videos on Youtube!

    Hi Folks! Recently, I placed the first 2 of a series of videos on Bok Leen Pai/Bai ling Pai [White Lotus Family]Kenpo system of Daniel Pai. These techniques were taught to me through GM Bill Gregory of the Kajukenpo Pailum lineage as well as his students and other sources. I wanted to place...

    Hooking Wings-Bow Of Compulsion Master Key Pattern

    Hi folks! Recently, I filmed a segment on "master Key Patterns" in relationship to certain techniques. Please watch and give your comments and imput! Thank you for your time! BEGOOD, KENPOJOE <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...

    KENPOJOE on youtube

    Hi folks! Recently, I started posting video clips on youtube! You can see them at BEGOOD, KENPOJOE

    Gm David German Rip

    Greetings, It is with heartfelt sadness and deep personal loss that I must announce that GM David German, founder of the T.A.I. martial arts system [TAI KARATE,TAI KUNGFU,TAI KENPO]has passed away at the age of 65.He was a wonderful instructor, a great man and a good friend and i shall miss him...

    a birthday word of thanks...

    Hi Folks! I wanted to take a moment to thank all my kempo/kenpo brothers and sisters here on martialtalk for all your opinions,knowledge and insight! As I turn the big 44 today and celebrate 37 years in the arts, I just wanted to take the time to say how grateful to know all of you! A special...


    Hi Folks! On Saturday, June 4th "Budo International" magazine will be holding their first American "Gala & Hall of Fame". The event will be held at the hotel laguardia in New York. There will be free trade show during the day from 9am-4pm with free martial arts seminars throughout the day and...

    Kenpo Video Fundraiser

    Hi Folks, Due to the recent death of My Mom's companion, I have created a webpage to raise some funds for the funeral expenses that my mom has had to incur. It has been extremely difficult for her with the loss of a 34 year relationship and the financial as well as emotional burden has worn...

    "Remy Presas: The Last Interview" Video Tape

    "Remy Presas:The last interview" This never before offered video features the last video interview ever done with Prof. Presas weeks before his unfortunate diagnosis in Germany. This hour long video features an extensive interview with Prof. Presas, speaking about his beginnings in the...

    Sijo Emperado Is Alive

    Please accept my apologies... I received an email from Pat Tracy that she had heard from Al Tracy while he was in California that he was informed that Sijo Emperado had passed away. Mrs. Tracy is normally a viable source for information so I contacted some hawaiian instructors about the news...

    Adriano Emperado has passed away

    Hi Folks! I just received an email informing me that Adriano Emperado, main founder of the Kajukenbo system, Has passed away. My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his family and to Kajukenbo practitioners throughout the world. I hope that I was of some service, KENPOJOE


    At a seminar in Pikesville,MD, Mr. Parker told a story about a demonstration he did before then "Govenor Ronald Reagan" of California. At one point, Mr. Parker was explaining and demonstrating a technique on Gov. Reagan and while performing a raking claw action as in hooking wings or bow of...

    updating my kenpolinks page

    Hi My Kenpo Brothers and sisters! Many years ago, I created what was at the time, the most comprehensive Kenpolink list on the internet, which as copied and or linked to over 75 websites on the internet. Since that time, i've let the list languish...Well, it's time to regain my title as having...

    Peter Urban,Founder of USA Goju Ryu

    Grandmaster Pter Urban, The founder of the USA Goju System, passed away on Wednesday April 7th...look for more information on various Goju websites BEGOOD, KENPOJOE

    The Quote On The Main Page Is Incorrect And Credited Wrong

    Hi folks! the quote at the bottom section of the main page for martial talk is incorrect and credited to the wrong person... the actual quote should read... "The journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step" It is credited to Lao Tzu,founder of Taoism The "ten thousand" is a...

    Sensei Jack Leonardo of the New Bedford Aikikai, R.I.P.

    "Sensei" Joaquim "Jack" Leonardo Aikido master March 6, 1920-March 16,2004 Jack Leonardo was introduced to Aikido over 44 years ago through an article in "Iron Man" Magazine by Koichi Tohei. At the time, he was the owner of "The Squeeze Box" an accordion sale and instructional...

    Sensei Jack Leonardo of the New Bedford Aikikai, R.I.P.

    "Sensei" Joaquim "Jack" Leonardo Aikido master March 6, 1920-March 16,2004 Jack Leonardo was introduced to Aikido over 44 years ago through an article in "Iron Man" Magazine by Koichi Tohei. At the time, he was the owner of "The Squeeze Box" an accordion sale and instructional...

    Ed Parker Jr Interview And Demonstration

    Hi folks! I'm offering a series of various kenpo instructors teaching their arts as well as other martial arts as a fundraiser, as well as footage from my archives. These will be made available through EBAY. The fist will offered at...

    Looking For Ikc Videos!

    Hi folks, I'm in search of anyone who videoed the tournament! Unfortunately I was so busy competing [and fracturing a rib in the process due to a knife seminar the day before].I have no footage of myself competing and I was hoping someone may have video tape events i was involved it. Thank you...

    Kenpo Video Fundraiser Website

    Kenpo Video Fundraiser webpage by "KENPOJOE" Rebelo Hi Folks! I'd like to thank all the wonderful kenpoists who contacted me regarding my girlfriend's plight with Leukemia and her upcoming hip surgery. I have created a webpage that features some of the various kenpo videos that are...

    Charging ram

    Hi Folks! Thought i'd go into a technical aspect of technique evolution. When I originally learned "Charging Ram" I was taught that from a natural stance, execute a left outward downward parry to the outside of my opponent's left arm at or above the elbow to close off the centerline as i...

    Kenpo Videos available

    Hi Folks, This Is "KENPOJOE" Rebelo, I'm here to offer all my kenpo brothers and sisters a rare opportunity to purchase some kenpo videos that I have in my archives for a good cause. Recently,My Girlfriend was diagnosed with Leukemia. Due to this debilitating disease , She has been forced to...

    What ever happened to Ron Marek?

    Hi folks, Ron Marek used to run an organization called the IKKF [international kenpo karate federation] but i havent seen hide nor hair of him in a while. Anyone know what happened to him? He was featured in a couple of Lee Bachman's books too!His website's been down for awhile as well...

    How do a get a message board promotion and how many posts are required for rank?

    Hi Folks! I'm a newbie to this mesaage board and I wanted to find out what are the exact post requirements for promotion on this board? Any info would be greatly appreciated or please direct me to a link that details out the format! Thank you for your time, joseph P. Rebelo II...