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    Martial Artists Fighting Hunger

    Just wanted to invite all martial artists to join our Facebook group for all martial artists "Martial Artists Fighting Hunger." We have a promo video on YouTube as well. We have received a lot of support in the community and have inspired other schools ourside of our state to collect food...
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    Martial Artists Against Hunger

    We are forming a grass roots group to have martial arts challange events open to all styles with the cost of admission being a donation of food for the food banks in the area of the venue. We are still in the planning stages but want to set up a network of martial artists who are interested in...
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    Help! I Need Software!

    I have been looking everywhere for a good software program that meets our needs (We are a martial arts team sport, comBATON). I need to be able to keep track of multiple students at multiple schools. I want the capability to make ID cards. I want to keep track of who's paid their dues, record...
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    Anyone out there into twitter? I've just started and ran into some good martial arts folks out there. For instance, you could tweet whenever you posted here and your followers could read your posts instantly. If anyone wants to follow me, I'm at I follow martial arts...
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    Weapons Seminar in Lake Mary, Fl

    Weapons Class January 31,2008 A weapons class will be held at the Lake Mary YMCA on January 31,2008 in Lake Mary, Fl. Nationally recognized weapons expert Master Kathy Weiczerza of Tennessee will teach the use of the cane among other weapons during this 3 hour seminar. Master David Turnbull...
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    Friday Night at the Disney Martial Arts Festival

    comBATON the Martial Arts Team Sport will be a featured discipline for the first time this Friday (10/24/08) at 7 pm. comBATON is an inclusive sport for all kicking martial artists. There is a jujitsu component as well. The link below shows a game for those unfamiliar with this 4 year old sport...
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    comBATON Tournament in Spring Hill

    This will be our last tournament before the Disney Martial Arts Festival Championships in October.
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    Pics of Martial Arts Icons

    I was lucky enough to be at the 2008 MA SuperShow in Orlando and got a few pics of well-known martial artists. Thought I'd share.
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    Recognized as a Discipline for Disney Martial Arts Festival

    It's official. ComBATON will hold it's championship games at the October Disney Martial Arts Festival in Orlando. We're on Friday night at 7 pm.
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    Comments, Please

    I know both of these guys. Any comments? The march went to Red. His hand was broken but is healed now. Red is a red belt and blue is a blue belt. Both are really nice guys.
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    Is Anyone Coming to the MAIA SuperShow?

    July 10-12, 2008. We'll be in booth 223. Stop by and say hello.
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    Knockouts and EMS

    I'm working on a medical care rubric for tournaments. At what point after a knockout do you need to call EMS? If the person regains consciousness after 1 minute, do you need to call? I am trying to write guidelines and want input from those with more experience than I have. Thanks!
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    s€igned Up as a Vendor at the MAIA Supershow.

    This will be our first major trade show. The Super Show is in Orlando in July. If you're coming please stop booth 132 and see comBATON the martial arts team sport.
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    AAU Taekwondo Scrimmage April 5,2008

    This is held by Master David Turnbull in Mount Dora, Fl.
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    TKD Challenge March 15, 2008 in Lakeland, Fl

    Randall Babbitt is co-directing the 2008 Florida Challenge in Lakeland next Saturday. He likes large rings and his will be 9 mats by 9 mats (27' by 27') which are larger than some tournament rings. He will also offer electronic scoring and a large venue (The Lakeland Center.) More information is...
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    Directions for Taking Up Puzzle Mats?

    We're renting our puzzle mats for tournaments when people we know ask us. They're new and we want to take care of them as they were expensive. Here's the problem: If we pay people to help us set up the rings they do a great job but it is expensive. If we let the schools' students do it some of...
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    AAU Sanctioned West Coast Championships, Port Richey, Fl

    March 8, 2008. Tournament held by Master Regis Lima of Regis Lima Martial Arts of Port Richey, Florida.
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    Feb 16 AAU Qualifier for TKD Junior Olympics and Nationals in North Miami Area

    This is one of Master DeJesus' tournaments. As usual, it will be held at the Police Gym in Davie, Fl. He runs a well organized tournament and trained with Grandmaster Oh, formerly of the Orlando area. Stop in and enjoy the tournament.
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    February 23, 2008 comBATON Tournament of Games

    This is the second of the three Florida 2008 comBATON tournaments. All players are martial artists who train primarily in traditional martial arts and supplement their training with this demanding extreme team sport.
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    February 9th, 2008 Mount Dora Challenge

    This is an AAU Sanctioned Taekwondo Tournament. Click on the link for more details.
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    Friends Sparring

    I taped two friends sparring in a demo last Saturday. They don't hold back but are buddies again after it was declared a tie.
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    Have You Seen the March Black Belt Magazine?

    Does anyone know if the March Black Belt is out on the newstands yet? We have been too busy to read lately and dropped out subscription. Friday night we were in Hollywood, Fl and someone shows up a small blurb about us (comBATON) in the March Black Belt Magazine. It was a long day loading the...
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    Nice Jumping 360 Degree Kick

    This a link to a graceful 360 degree jumping kick. I hope my jumping kicks used to look this good. Our friend Nick (the kicker) trains in several styles.
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    Our First comBATON Tournament of Games in Hollywood, Fl!

    We're having our first tournament of games at McArthur High School in Hollywood, Fl on January 12, 2008. The tournament host is Master DeJesus of DeJesus Taekwondo in the north Miami area. Guest schools include David Turnbull Taekwondo of Lake Mary, Fl, known as the Lake Mary Samuari and Regis...
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    Merry Christmas

    Just dropping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
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    Master Geraldo DeJesus

    Stop in at Master Lima's school in Pembroke Pines on Pine Blvd if you're in the area on Saturday December 15, 2007 at 1 pm. He's having an AAU certification clinic and will introduce comBATON afterwards. Master DeJesus teaches Taekwondo and studied with Master Oh formerly of Longwood, Fl.
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    Regis Lima Martial Arts TKD Tournament

    Master Regis Lima of Regis Lima Martial Arts will host the Tarpon Springs Challenge On March 8, 2008. More information will follow as details become available. Master Lima's school is located in New Port Richey, Fl. Pre-registered participants will save $10.00 on the cost of registration. Call...
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    RL Martial Arts Holding comBATON Seminar This Sunday

    Master Regis Lima is holding a comBATON training seminar this Sunday in Veteran's Memorial Park in Hudson, Fl at 3 pm. There is no charge for this opportunity to experience America's newest combat sport. Anyone interested my contact for more information.
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    Great Kick by "Ninja" Nick

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    2008 comBATON Tournaments in Florida

    comBATON is planning 3 tournaments in 2008. The first will be in Pembroke Pines on January 12th, the second will be in the Greater Orlando area on February 23rd and the third will be in Hudson on March 22nd. Master Geraldo DeJesus, Master Regis Lima and Master David Turnbull will host the events...