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    IRO-Bot will never kill...

    Welcome to MT, hope your future in USSD goes better!
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    301stSpartan Say Hello!

    Welcome to MT, hope you enjoy, sounds like you live an interesting life.
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    At the close of class

    All we really have is an endiin ceremony. We wrap up whatever we are doing a minute or so before (or after) class ends and we hold the closing ceremony, a simple little thing, meant for formality and being official about things. But really we are a small, relaxed and laid back school, and nobody...
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    Background Checks

    No matter what background checks you do, you never really know. The best and pretty much only thing you can do is keep an alert eye out. If a student looks wrong somehow, keep a closer eye. If you can, terminate the contract, and make up an excuse, if you think its thast dangerous. However, it...
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    Can Tang Soo Do still be a korean martial art?

    A agree that an art can continue even without the original culture in place, though I do feel if you lose all the sense of the culture, you lose its essence, for it was through the culture the the art was born.
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    Black vs. Midnight Blue

    The belt, for us (my ma school) is more of an experience ranking than anything else. It often indicates better skill, but not necessarily. While some mas do exist without belts at all, the ranking system helps keep some sense of order, especially in a small school such as mine which has an...
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    Complete art vs Finished art

    I think most mas are always growing in some aspects, as the students almost invariably take their own understanding of the art with them, and as they go on to teach opthers, their knowledge is spread, and their students gain their own style, and so on and so forth. I suppose you could say that...
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    quite possibly the worst idea ever

    I think it would depend how well guided it is.
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    Kids training MMA?

    The video was interesting, I think the kid was pretty good, for a kid his age, but a lot of it was his energy. On the subject of kids training, I started at six, and though I've seen younger I think five is the minimum cutoff age. Most kids that started when they were younger just quit...
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    Knife Defense Clip

    It seemed the the attacker wasn't really trying.
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    Muay Thai Chaiya Grapping

    I think the technique itself is good, but it was slow and methodical, and not very practical.
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    How like your instructor are you?

    I think that I take everything that my instructor is and sort if make it part of me, with it blending with my natural way of doing things, but I definately use teaching techniques acquired from my instructor(s).
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    your best atributes?

    My ability to panic. ??? Yeah, I know that sounds strange, but it's true. Normally I'll either try to hard to do something and fail, or not get motivated enough and give up halfway through. But when I really start worrying about my personal health, nothing else matters.
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    Too Driven

    Recently I've started on a situp routine, adding between 15 - 50 every day. I started with 100, and up till today, it was working great. During the summer, at least this one, where I have nothing to do, I get up between 8:00 and 9:30 and within a half an hour or so I start doing my situps at a...
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    Experience or Lineage

    For me, it would depend a lot on the instructor themselves and how they teach, much less than where their ma background lies. I'd need to see, as in any circumstance, whether it seemed like the instructor, and his school, were for me. If both were even, though, I really am not sure what I'd pick.
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    Sword-weilding attacker...not the crazy one?

    This is why I don't live in the city.
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    White belt to orange gup test

    Sounds fairly decent, maybe a little more than what I would expect, but nothing unmanageable, just need to practice a bit (more).
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    martial art in Babylion 3000 BC?

    Well, if you're going to get into it... What defines a martial art in this sense? Is it the ability to fight? Or is it some sort of philosophical attatchment to the fighting ability that defines the term "martial art"? When you say you are a martial artist, what does that mean? Anyone can call...
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    Non-Knife Story: Dangers of severing the Carotid artery!

    Very true. In many (if not most) combat situations, if you are unsure of yourself, unwilling to take life if necessary, it will most likely result in your own injury or death. Know not to act until you need to, but when you act, act.
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    Basics and Sparring

    A lot of the moves we learned we apply to our sparring. However, it is encouraged to be creative and inventive and not to stick only to specific techniques. A wide range of techniques, including ones that don't exist, can be immensely helpful in many situations, where the restriction of...
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    As I sit here

    Maybe if they just concentrate in doing their best, they will get less wrapped up in the whole "winning" business. G'luck!
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    where you train,

    The floor of my dojang is wood, and the walls are wood paneling. We have some air control, but its not top notch. On the long wall is a row of mirrors, stretching almost from one side to the other. On the side wall that faces the street, there are windows. It is along that wall that we have...
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    Hello from scotland

    Hello! I am pretty new to this site, and did not meet you when you were here last, but I am looking forward to reading your posts!
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    Divorce/domestic situation self defense

    Definately do all that has been listed above. If you don't you will be in trouble up to your eyebrows. Keep us posted...
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    first move in a REAL fight

    Um, I would just go with the "it depends" norm standby. Hopefully, I'd vome up with some thoroughly ingenious one-move ko attack that hits its target and ends the fight but I doubt that. I just have to hope that instead of standing there panicking, my ma training would actually kick in and I'd...
  26. trueaspirer

    another good use for Kung-fu

    Wow, that takes real self-discipline. If it was me, I would have killed the guy (well, not quite), and then felt guilty about it later because of the mother thing. I think you probably made the right choice and that having martial arts training definately helped you with that. You deserve a real...
  27. trueaspirer

    Favorite Martial Arts Memory

    Also I had two others: One was where this really cocky kid came to class, had just signed up and never taken an ma before, and after one class thought he was good enough to be sparring us, including some of us who were much higher rank, and/or much larger than him. I was the senior there that...
  28. trueaspirer

    I'm now confused about shin toughening

    I am a soccer player (sort of) and I do a lot of stuff with my shins (mostly by accident) and I know that my shins are definately tougher than when I started 6 years ago.
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    When I first started ma, I was six years old, and enraptured in the "coolness" and tales of ma. One of the instructors sat me down and explained things to me and my parents. Then he gave me a short private lesson on the basics of ma. However my first real class with other people I don't really...
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    New Guy

    Welcome to Martial Talk! Enjoy!