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    Ninjutsu Suppliers

    Also, for those interested two of my students run there own martial arts supply store up in Caddilac, Michigan. They make custom hanbos, and jo's, and they will give Bujinkan memebers a discount. The site is
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    Ninjutsu Suppliers

    I ordered a pair of the outdoor tabi through and they were a bit too big for me. They are made by Rikio, and I think they are the cheapest ones available through Rikio. I went through a place called about three weeks ago. They have a nice selection of Rikio, and...
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    A Question About Ninjutsu

    To keep it short and to the point the flack Ninjutsu gets revolves around the fact that there isnt much sparring involved. The typical response from the ninjutsu crowd is "we do Randori", but that answer never seems to work out. People see video clips on youtube and feel we telegraph our...
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    Why is it...

    Adam got introduced to the mats pretty quickly!
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    Why is it...

    Somehow I got the two mixed up. MMcGuirk was correct on Bill/ex football player, and Jason/ex MMA stylist being the two that visited Hatsumi Sensei and Jason faced off against Doug/Ju-Godan at the end. The other show I think he was saying he forgot the name but was very similar was called...
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    Why is it...

    I wasnt able to catch those episodes but Shihan Joel had made an announcement that he was supposed to appear in the show. If it ever happened? There also used to be a show called Fight Quest. One guy was an x mma stylist and the other(Bill) was an x pro football player. Anyway, they would...
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    Best Recurved Bows for the Price

    I'd check into Bear, and St. Joe's.
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    Fighting outside of the dojo

    Good stuff John, thanks. I talked with a friend of mine Shihan Dan Ordoins about it and your advice was pretty much dead on with what he said. Anyway, good replies everyone, and thanks.
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    Fighting outside of the dojo

    The thing is this individual is old enough at twenty six years old that I shouldnt have to sit down like mommy or daddy to discuss such things. I also try not to get involved with students personal lives, such as who they hang out with, or where they go as once again my students are all above...
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    Fighting outside of the dojo

    Yes, he is respectful or I wouldnt teach him, but I feel he is fighting because he isnt getting respect, not because he needs to defend himself. We have all encountered people that talk trash like " you think that would work on the street"? Or you think that Karate stuff works for real"...
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    Fighting outside of the dojo

    I have a student that is fighting outside of the dojo. The first time, which was about 4 months ago he was at a bar, and claimed he got into an arguement with another person, and the bouncer came up and hit him in the eye, then put him in a half nelson. He turned up at my dojo with a black...
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    RVD? How can somebody take this guy seriously?

    I see the efforts he makes to not only sell his products, but Soke Hatsumi's, Bud's, Jacks, Moti Nativ's, Dick Severence's, Pedro Fleitas's, and Papa San's. He sells gi's, hanbo's, training shuko, training kusari fundo's, kyoketsu shoge's, and other training equipment. Lots of teachers sell...
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    Richard J. Van Donk

    I flew into San Fransisco last March to attend his annual 3 day Tai Kai. Got the opportunity to meet and train with Shihan Dan Ordoins, Shihan Joel Everett, Shihan's Richard and Linda Vandonk and several other shidoshi from around the country. They were all very helpful and made me feel more...
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    Need help picking a dojo; I could use the opinions of more experienced people =D

    A friend of mine trains with Shihan Blackwood every once in a while, and says good things about him. This gentlemen also lives in your area and runs a non commercial dojo. If you would like, I can send you his information, but he is headed to Japan this afternoon to take his Godan test.
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    How far would you travel?

    I know a real good guy out in San Diego as well. His name is Rey Neval. He just passed his Godan test back in December. If you want his email address send me a pm. I think the sessions would be somewhat private, and I am not sure on his fees, but I have trained with him at a seminar and he...
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    Diego Sanchez defeated Clay Guida in one of the best fights of the year...

    Diego had that look on his face that Guida was talking about in the pre fight interviews. Very entertaining fight. Hopefully there will be a rematch down the line.
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    Where can I find good books on Ninjutsu?

    Dont know if its been mentioned, but Ninpo: Wisdom for Life was a good read.
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    Age limit on archery tackle?

    Brian is right, if you dont know too much about maintenance bring the bow to your local archery shop for a look over. The bow is pretty old but you may luck out and only have to apply some wax to the string. Besides that I would pull it back a few times and listen for noise. Often times if...
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    Questions about wearing rules in the Kans

    I am with you on that note. I dont wear it all the time, but I like having that option when I do feel like wearing it.
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    Question about joining a dojo

    I'm only a Shodan in the Bujinkan, but I have never heard the gate term used either.
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    Bowhunter Ed Class completed

    Look into the Tropyline Treesaddle if you are worried about treestands. I have been using one for about three years now and I would never go back to a traditional hang on stand.
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    Ninutsu Frank Dux!!!

    Apparently its also known as the Lost Track Form, but this paticular gem is in Ashida's book Ninja Mind Control. I guess it is only taught to members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society.
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    Ninutsu Frank Dux!!!

    Unfortunately until bookstores completely wipe them off the shelves they will continue to pop up. The next victim will begin learning the Mi Lu Kata, and the Ninja death touch today! Interesting fact..The Barnes and Noble here where I live carries one Hatsumi book, and the rest are Ashida Kim...
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    Core Training

    Hi Josh, thanks for the book reference. I am quite familiar with the works of Tom Kurz, and enjoy reading his articles in BlackBelt Magazine. That being said, I have that book as well as Bill Wallaces, and several others by Sang H. Kim.
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    Tenchu 4

    I think that is the best version yet, although they did use Sho Kasugi for the mocap in the second edition for PS2.
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    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    You wont get the answers you want from him, but by all means ask away. I am sure he is enjoying the attention one way or another. Even if its negetive, at the end of the day it's still attention.
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    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    Yes, we are crystal clear on the first part of my question. However, that still doesnt answer the second part. Why lure/tempt him back into those same discussions if his thoughts/posts are not wanted in this forum?
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    Core Training

    Not sure on the trainers name, but on that paticular program I mentioned the excersize you just mentioned with laying your back on the ball and using dumbbells was exactly what that trainer had Chris Chelios doing. Also, as far as the comment about stretching daily. I find that the more I...
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    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    I understand they are pronounced differently, however, they do seem to throw both spellings under the same definition in the dictionary. I found this explination as well that claims jitsu is "grandfathered in". On the flipside, I couldnt find anything...
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    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    I had brought up the spelling thing sometime ago, and I was told that the Kanji didnt matter? Came from Shidoshi Greg Dilley, who has sense passed on, but now I am hearing it does matter? Who do you believe? He did appear to be respectful with his post and didnt make mention of his Kug Maky...