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    What You Can/Can't Do.

    But you are thinking about it before hand... And making a plan to go "just short of killing" someone who threatens to break your finger.
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    Does this happen in this day and age?

    Does what happen? sparring during a test? The testing candidate was a little uncontrolled fighting the purple belts, so I was glad the black belts gave him a little bit back - But did not look that extreme for mid contact sparring... The form pieces at the beginning looked like a chunk out...
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    Canadian Bus Attack!

    But when you are travelling cross country on a bus - it will take several days. Sleeping almost certainly will happen - and if you take enough chemicals to fight off sleep for 3 or 4 days of monotony...
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    WHF Master Carlton Lundy

    I have a friend who used to train under, and got his black belt from Master Carlton Lundy in Langley Virginia several years ago, but no longer has a way to get ahold of him. Does anyone know this gentleman and/or have some contact info?
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    Martial Art in Athens, Ohio... Anyone?

    Great - I have contacted the head instructor of Bando in Athens (thanks jks), and will check them out as soon as I get there - having spent some time today on the American Bando Associations website, it sounds right up my alley. I would still be interested in any other systems/instructors...
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    Martial Art in Athens, Ohio... Anyone?

    In about 10 weeks I am moving to Athens Ohio for several years for Graduate School. One of the things I had been looking forward to was to begin a new style and become a student... However, the only MA I can find via my online searches are a Shotokan school and an MMA club at the college. I...
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    First Aid Training

    My instructor has required all students to be CPR certified and to keep it current for about the last 15 years. My last re-cert was March. We are a small, non-commercial class of all adults. We had a student have a heart attack and die during class in the early 90's. Sensei performed CPR...
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    This really creeps me out!

    ewww. not OK.
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    Cool as hell. Practitioners are in great shape. But not a Martial Art.
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    How do you pay for your classes?

    This said it exactly - I have respect for someone who loves MA so much they want to try the difficult task of making it your livelyhood; but the realities of business often require some sort of sacrifice to be made - Not just high fees, but perhaps more students, or needing to follow the MA fad...
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    How do you pay for your classes?

    I have been paying my instructor $20 a month cash, month to month, for nearly 20 years. The price has never gone up. I have trained off and on with others, and have paid a bit more, but it was still cash or check, month to month. I would not train at a school that wanted me to sign a...
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    Something to consider

    That is a great insight. I often have students who ask specific questions, but the questions are based in a series of suppositions or circumstances... and I often find myself answering the question asked, but feeling rather bemused about the question itself; which often seems too specific to...
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    Just Curious....

    I, of course, just make my t-shirt "snap" - lol
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    Anyone ever kill thier T.V.?

    Bout 15 years ago - as a financial need in college... After a few years without I didn't miss it - and after 5 or 6 when I would see television, often it was very bizarre especially the advertising. Now, I own a couple of TV's - and I watch movies, and some of the popular tv series I have...
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    How do you know when to act?

    I would agree that sounds like a misunderstanding. I mean, I agree "if he was gonna kill you he'd have done it already" - but that just means their sole purpose isn't to kill you. Now you have the opportunity to fight back or escape. I think if they ask for your wallet you should give it...
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    Some thoughts on MAs from a Senior

    I think it would be a good idea, and it is starting to happen. I have seen several schools that beging to offer cane defense... And I think the health benefits, the taiji with a cane, etc. are all good... But while I don't think you need "mock cane fights" in order to confidently use a can in...
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    Make me the target

    It isn't really survival of the fittest - You may be able to defend yourself, you may not - you never know what the other person can do - It is personal responsibility. It is our own responsibility to ensure we don't become a victim. Each person must take responsibility for that. Accepting...
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    Showing your stuff - Warts and all

    I agree - Life is like that sometimes. It doesn't have to be perfect, just get it out there. My instructor started posting things on his web site years ago, and would catch stuff from the public because it wasn't perfect. His answer was, "where is your stuff?" We didn't do lots of takes...
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    What do you carry in your car? for protection?

    dammit you beat me to it...
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    Columbus Ohio Martial Arts Instruction

    Lots of great resources and recommendations here. If you are really looking for the right martial art program for you, I would recommend visiting every recommendation on here and sitting in on, or, if they allow, trying a class. My two cents: any class worth attending isn't going to be a...
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    I assume he meant Kung Fu San Soo - Jimmy Woo's style of Kung Fu - A more modern art that is very self defense oriented... One that I really enjoyed, though I only trained in it for about 6 months.
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    Contemplating Self Defense...

    I don't do kenpo, but I feel warmly (if that is how to put it) toward their brutal, multiple strike responses to all attacks. Usually these are from their sets of techniques, and they are like mini-forms. The way I look at those strings of techniques is that they are to teach students to flow...
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    Contemplating Self Defense...

    What, in your opinion, is self defense? If someone is really attacking you, you make sure they don't do it again - otherwise you may have deflected a single portion of the assault, but if you get lucky enough to block, deflect, or absorb the initial assault, should you really give them a second...
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    MA on your resume?

    I use it when it is pertinent: I don't put it on all my resume's... But for those that pertain to teaching (My part-time job is as adjunct faculty at a University), or for Theater related positions (I do a fair bit of combat choreography locally).
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    Your reason for wanting to become better?

    The only external reason I can think of is seeing how much better my seniors and instructors are than I am - How slow and sloppy I feel in comparison that makes me want to get better... But really - there is no "external" reason... Mostly, I do it for the bliss.
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    Happy with your level of skill?

    I remember starting Martial Arts, and wanting to achieve a certain level of skill... though at the time my understanding of what those skill consisted of and what was worth having/knowing was pretty limited. I suspect I am now as good or better than I wanted to be then - but my knowledge and...
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    Direct Transmission is Essential!

    I can't agree more - to really learn the intricacies of techniques, you need to feel them applied, and then apply them on someone who knows what they feel like, and can coach you toward correct excecution. Seeing can help you get some of the large, basic motion, and the more experienced you are...
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    Hooray for me! Finally found a place to train.

    Always a nice feeling to find a new school - Congrats!
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    lookin for some info?

    OK. I'll bite. What is Kyuki-do?