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This is a collection of clips hosted both here and remotely of various arts, techniques and demonstrations. MartialTalk is not responsible for the contents of remote links.

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*** New 03-14-2008 ***

San Miguel Eskrima

downward | smf_eg | forehand_arko
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Modern Arnis at Cebu West

Stick Sparring at Cebu West_0002 (12MB Windows Media Format)

Master Todaro - Basic Knife Defense

Master Todaro - Intermediate Knife Disarm

Master Todaro - Basic Knife Disarm (stab)

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Clips Alphabetical by Art:

ABA Bando

First longstaff form in ABA Bando (Daniel Carroll) - 24.7MB MPG
2 of the 9 first level drills with a Kukri
(Daniel Carroll) - 61.1MB MPG

Bakbakan International

Gathering 2005 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 (Latest Quicktime required)

Combat Ju Jutsu

Jorgen CederSlatt at the MartialTalk 2005 Meet & Greet - 22.3MB Quicktime


FMA Stick - Guru Rich Parsons at MT Meet&Greet 2005 (9.25MB Quicktime)

Goju-Ryu Karate Do


Sanchin (Three Battles) (160x112 13.3mb) Demonstrated by Senpai Michael C. Byrd Nidan.
Sanseru (36) (320x240 14mb) Demonstrated by Senpai Michael C. Byrd Nidan.


Paul Dye (1.09mb AVI), Marty Z (1.4mb AVI), and Doreen & Clyde (961kb AVI) from the 2003 Pasadena Homecoming

Kevin Kilroe & Brian Brown Demonstrate Various Kenpo Techniques
Clip 1: [CLIP] QuickTime 4.69MB (Zip Archive) [CLIP] Windows Media 2.03MB
Clip 2: [CLIP] QuickTime 5.52MB (Zip Archive) [CLIP] Windows Media 2.35MB
Clip 3: [CLIP] QuickTime 4.92MB (Zip Archive) [CLIP] Windows Media 2.16MB
Clip 4: [CLIP] QuickTime 6.09MB (Zip Archive)
[Clip 5] QuickTime 5.9MB
[Clip 6] QuickTime 7.13MB
[Clip 7] QuickTime 5.16MB

Krav Maga

Krav Maga Stick Defenses - Demonstrated by Yoni & Friend (5.86 MB Windows Media)

Krav Maga Gun Defences - Demonstrated by Yoni & Friend (5.12 MB Windows Media)


Julie Kedzie at WMAA 2005 Camp

  • Showing a technique to Bill & Mark from Cebu West as Steve Scott looks on.
    [clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 1.44MB)
  • Explaining a Thai kick with Steve Scott's assistance.
    [clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 5.47MB)

Modern Arnis

Trapping Hands - Bob Hubbard & Susan Spann (4.26MB Quicktime - no sound)

Video Clips from the American Modern Arnis Associates featuring Punong Guro Tom Bolden (External Link)

Sinawali : #2 with lightsabers? (352 x 240 2.08mb) Datu Tim Hartman and Guru Mike Rogers

Misc. Clips: 1 2 3 (320x240 5.24mb each) Datu Hartman with Guru Arnold

Guro Bryson Ingram and Eric ??? at WMAA 2005 camp during Guro Rick Manglinong's session
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 2.65MB)

Guro Rick Manglinong and Guro Primo Luciano demonstrate a cane technique at WMAA 2005 camp.
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 2.95MB)

Bryson Ingram & Bob Hubbard practice a technique originally taught by Rick Manglinong at the 2003 WMAA Michigan Camp
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 826 kb)

Bill Gorman & Bob Hubbard practice a technique originally taught by Rick Manglinong at the 2003 WMAA Deleware Camp
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 915 kb)

Bill Gorman & Guro Rick Manglinong do the "Manglinong" at the 2003 WMAA Deleware Camp
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 893 kb)

Bob Hubbard demonstrates the 10 angles of attack
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 3.71 MB) Single Stick
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 3.75MB)
Single Stick
[clip] (Latest Quicktime required, 8.08MB) Short Sword

Tim Hartman at the MartialTalk 2005 Meet & Greet - 10.5MB Quicktime

PGC Sombo/USA Storm

Boyd Ritchie at the MartialTalk 2005 Meet & Greet - 12.7MB Quicktime


Guru/Sensei Mike Casto

Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan

John Kedrowski

Chil Sung H

Tang Soo Do

John Kedrowski

Wing Chun

Some good "How To" clips. >Remote Link<

Professor Leung Ting
A few nice informational videos, more 'background' than 'howto'. >Remote Link<

Master Wai-Po Tang
About a dozen video clips, appear to have been gathered from many places. Qualitys eh, in many. Worth a look. >Remote Link<

Sifu Jose Grados
Also of note is Sifu Grados. His stuffs impressive, as its usually got a nice beat and shows some good stuff. It is however more of a comercial than anything educational. >Remote Link<

He also offers a "Technique of the Month" section, and this is much more informative than his videos. They are clear, and done at a 'teaching' spead. A bit short, but most definately worth a look. >Remote Link<

Wing Chun in Motion
These are animated GIFs, not videos featuring clips of many Wing Chun notables. >Remote Link<

Syracuse Wing Chun Academy
Many clips on techniques
>Remote Link<