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    Wing Chun's Weakness

    100% true and I agree with this whole heartedly. People who say Wing Chun is limited have not learned the whole system to understand it fully.
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    New DVD "Intro to Wing Chun for MMA and Self Defense

    I've been waiting 20 years to see Sifu produce a video, and finally, a video that showcases his skill and knowledge. Even though I'm a student of his, I have to say it is very good video indeed. I think it proves to the naysayers that Wing Chun can be used in the MMA arena. Here are a couple...
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    Wing Chun in Charleston SC

    Anyone teach or know someone who teaches Wing Chun in Charleston, SC? I met someone while visiting and they were really interested in training. Unfortuately, I live 200 miles away. But I thought I'd look into finding them someone to train with. All the help and/or info would be reatly...
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    Wing Chun Kicking : No chambering required.

    Just like the Wing Chun punch being driven by the elbow and shoulder, the kick is driven by the knee and hip. People mistake the movement of the knee as chambered when in fact the kick is lifted by the motion of the knee (slightly bent but relaxed) to drive the kicking foot forward. Just like...
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    Height of the bong-sau

    Yes, flanking arm is what the term really means. However, just like wing arm, is it not descriptive of what the arm does. Flanking means to be along side. Still doesn't describe what it is doing. I try to give my students translations that describe what the position is doing rather than what...
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    Height of the bong-sau

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    Butterfly Sword, what is good steel for the blade?

    A couple of students and I have these exact pair you're asking about. They also came from WLE. They are great swords for demos and training. They are not sharp, and pretty sturdy. We use them for training against rattan, bamboo, and hardwood weapons. They can take a good bit of punishment...
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    Height of the bong-sau

    The young man in the video does what most people do when trapped. They give up! ! ! If he would follow the drill we use in our lineage, he would not have gotten hit. Once the arms are trapped (in the video, right hand over left, being held at the wrist), he should raise his elbow, shift using...
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    Height of the bong-sau

    I agree 100%, great post.
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    Height of the bong-sau

    There were no Volkswagons in 1919. The first prototype Volkswagon (Bug) was build in 1936.
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    Balancing WC with gymnastic bodyweight training?

    Are you serious, once a week? Learning Wing Chun is like learning to drive a car, or playing pool, or becoming a pro basketball player. The more you practice, the better your skills. If you were just starting to learn how to play basketball, and only went out once a week for an hour each time...
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    Information Behind Siu Lim Tao

    True, true, it would be much cheaper. But just remember, you get what you pay for. $5000 and you get lots of personal training or you can opt for 2 DVD's, and a poster of a naked man.
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    Information Behind Siu Lim Tao

    Move to Greenville/Spartanburg SC, pay me $5,000, and train with me for 5 years, then you will know all you need to know about Siu Nim Tao. It's that easy.
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    long pole form

    With a 9 foot and 13 foot long piece of wood, there is only so much you can do with them. Plus having to deal with the weight of the pole. I would assume any form would not be very long to begin with (number of movements) because of those 2 factors alone.