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    Krav Maga ???? Advice

    hello everyone. I’ve been doing wing Chun for several years and I teach. I’ve learned two systems, both yip man and Yuen Kay San. I have no concerns on the effectiveness of my system, butI miss being a student and am considering JKD or KM. Couple of questions. I live in savannah...
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    Long Pole Training Tools / App

    I am looking to build a Long Pole training post of sorts. but am looking for something that could train different aspects of the pole. Not just a Kwan Jong as shown by Sifu Sergio. I believe i recall from a WHILE back, that someone had developed something - perhaps it was Gary Lam (?). Does...
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    Savannah Wing Chun GA CLASSES

    Private and Semi-Private Classes: Location: Richmond Hill, GA Savannah, GA Material Taught: Yuen Wing Chun (Yuen Kay San / Sum Nung) Contact: Email will get more information. In email, introduce yourself.
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    Faht Shan (Pan Nam) Wing Chun Kuen

    Cheung Bo? Really? I've never heard that. The only historical info or family lore of Cheung Bo I've heard is what is shared in the Yuen Kay San family. As Sum Nung studied with Cheung Bo prior to his in-depth training with YKS.
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    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    YKS and YCW did know the entire system. Yip Man developed his Dummy form and evolved it in HK. It my understanding, not factual - but consistently upheld by documents and 1st hand account, Yip did learn various things from the Yuen's. Aside from luk sao/chi sao, who knows. Possible that Yip...
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    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    The YKS/SN knife form does NOT look like this.
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    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    Tutoring was actually happening. but I do not believe it was in a Teacher/Student type scenario. YKS taught YM chi sao/luk sao.
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    Who Did Yip Man Learn Stuff From?

    Yuen Kay San never lived in Hong Kong. Foshan/Fatshan. Yuen and Yip were neighbors, Kay San and Chai Wan were older than Yip. YKS/SN WCK did not arrive in Hong Kong until an early student of Sum Nung moved there (forgot the name) , then Kwok Wan Ping (from my line) moved to HK.
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    The B@stard Child of Wing Chun

    100, Sorry to hear that you had a falling out with your first Sifu...... SUCKS!!!! Not uncommon, but a little unusual imo. So, I would like to ask 2 open ended questions - What was the falling out with the First? What, Why, How? Second, why wouldn't the second consider the future...
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    Teaching at Home or in a Commercial Space??? Thoughts...

    Thanks for the comments y'all. We do not have basements here on the Georgia coast. Wish we did. Liability insurance was a great add on. Thanks What about waivers? Are they truly worth the time? Do they work and hold up? I will not be teaching children if starting in my home. Primarily...
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    Teaching at Home or in a Commercial Space??? Thoughts...

    My goal is to have a commercial school, public. My means are fair. I plan to self-fund it (I'm cheap by nature), no loans! But I do not want to pay a stupid amount of money for a start-up (nice space) and a 1-3 year lease contract w/o some sort of student base.
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    Teaching at Home or in a Commercial Space??? Thoughts...

    As I have mentioned in a previous and separate post, I am working toward re-opening my kung fu school in a new area that I have moved to. i am currently looking for a new home to purchase and one of my "wants" is to have a space or outbuilding that I can use for training and possibly teaching...
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    Naming your Commercial School?

    Thanks for the input! I'm in an Army Community, near a base, the clientele may be gentler on me for it, but I'm not going to take that chance... ;)
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    Question about rotating curriculums

    Sorry, I cant help you with that question. I've wondered this question also. unfortunately I can not think of a way to teach Wing Chun like this - due to the nature, progression of the training. It would only work if I developed a Hybrid Rotating Schedule
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    Naming your Commercial School?

    I really wanted to use Chinese Boxing Academy.... BUT, people would think its a boxing gym for Chinese descendants....