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  • I'm doing pretty good thanks. I've been around here but have just been lurking.

    How's things with you?
    2 cups semi sweet choc chips
    1/3 cup coffee liquor
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 16 oz block silken tofu
    1 tablespoon honey
    1 9 inch prepared choc wafer crust

    melt chips and liquor, add vanilla

    combine tofu, choc mix, honey in blender

    pour into crust and refigerate for 2 hours or untill the filling is set
    Can you send me a link to the best Yang 24 video you have access to? I'm being given that form as an intro before moving on to Wu style.
    I value your input, and enjoy your posts with their sprinkle of humor. The lighter side of life is always good.
    Oh I wasn't talking about Tai Chi, I was referring to the Northern Eagle Claw. I felt good after Tai Chi and slept VERY well that night. Ying Jow Pai is going to hurt. Tomorrow based on the schedule is a conditioning and flexibility day.

    I'm scared!!!! :uhyeah:

    I'll let you know how it goes.
    I use to do a Wu style form and I liked it, I learned it from my first sifu. But if I train Wu absolutely everything starts to look like Wu so I stopped training it. I believe the form I did was a competition form based on Northern Wu. I believe what Leung Shum teaches is Southern Wu which is what the Wu family (now based in Canada) teaches today. There is another Sifu in NYC that was certified to teach Wu by the Wu family, Jeffery To, but I know nothing about he is listed on the Wu family site.

    Not knowing Jeffery To and there is an allegedly Northern Wu style teacher in NYC as well, but I am not sure about that one to be honest. I would go with Sifu Leung

    I'll PM you more
    Yep, he's Eagle Claw. According to his bio, he got is Wu Style while at studying at Chin Woo in Hong Kong. I start on December 2nd.
    Circumstances have put me in the position of not training Hung Ga. Blame the evil NY MTA! I just signed up for Wu style Tai Chi at a school run by one of Sifu Leung Shum's authorized instructors here in Brooklyn. Back to moving slowly.
    You have Mind Monkey's?! KOOOLLL. Are they kinda like the ones in Chris from Family Guy's closet.? What a great expression.
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