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  • I know you like quotes so here is one that I enjoy:
    Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
    - Helen Keller
    Remain well :)
    Fantastically well old friend. :) Long, long story, when I get a moment, I'll send you a mail. :) Hope you and yours are well. Jude
    They're going ok. Been kinda busy, but it's all good. I still manage to get my daily dose of MT at least. lol How's things with you Tim?
    Damn. "You must spread some reputation around before giving to Xue Sheng again" I hate when that happens.
    Yep. A Bengal/TIGER kitty! He is soooo cool. A real friendly little guy, not scared of ANYTHING. And his markings....OMG...leopard spots on his body, tiger stripes on his legs. He follows me around the house, lol. So, as for you, the trees are safe for now huh?
    Damn you're fast! I'm doing good. Got an awesome little kitten over the weekend. A Bengal. I'll post pics sometime soon. How's it going with you? Beat up any trees lately? ;)
    Came down with the flu last Monday. Allah willing, I'm back in class next Tuesday. Doing more Eagle Claw than Tai Chi but won't be giving it up as it's part of the training.
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