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  • I guess there has to be statistically a nut in a group thats why on the packages it says:
    Allergy warning: may contain traces of peanuts
    Heh, no wonder the book looked like he put a good amount of effort into it. I will look into it more. I am seeing more quality CMA books coming out
    and some good Chen Taiji books being written. The MMA books really set the standards of photograph pictures very clear compared to the books of old when you could not tell if that was his hand hahaha.
    Jing sent me this link today:
    It is a list of free PDF,VCDS of Chinese martial arts.
    There is some great stuff there. Alot of Taiji of Yang and Chen.
    I think there is some Xingyiquan. I did not find any Bagua. Alot of Qigong.

    What you need to download on the site is something called Easymule.
    Easymule allows you to get the things.
    The only thing is everything is in Hanzi so you might have to type it in Hanzi.

    If you have any questions about it let me know I will try to help out.
    Or if there is something you are trying to find let me know and I will try to find it and send it as an attachment. If I recall the VCD are like 2GB.
    I think PDF are MB so try to read more books :)

    Haha try not to give me anything to obscured like Frog Kungfu or something haha.
    Er Hu is cool. The Zheng looks difficult. She can play it?
    I will get most likely the Qudi or Dizi in key of C which is about 3 feet.
    I want one of those real long ones they just look really cool.

    I have been playing with some ankle weights and wrist weights when doing forms and Qigong. I was told Wang shu jin made Don Draeger stand in Zhan Zhuang carrying a weight. The stories about incredible speeds and strength makes me wonder if resistance training was used. I suspect so.
    Oh By the way I am learning Flute. I will be learning how to playt he Dizi 笛子 but I think I will learn the Qudi 曲笛. Check this out: http://www.thomasrichardsonmusic.com/
    I am going to get me one of those bad boys hehe.
    Interesting note: My great grandfather,grandfather,and mother all played the flute.
    I have an antique Irish wooden flute that was my great grandfather that I am playing with until I get the Qudi.
    An old form of Ba Duan Jin would be cool. How old are you going?
    Are you going to do the poses in a leotard like that one lady in the book Qigong for staying young. I think thats the name.
    Oh it seems Bruce Frantzis has written a Medical Qigong book now. I wonder if that a trend Taoist was all the rage now its Medical Qigong....Well I'll be Kent Howard is following up on Wang Shu Jin's Bagua with Jin's Swimming Bagua but you have to wait till 2011 hehe.
    Things are doing good my friend. We are working on translating some things. I am excited about working on translating Jiao Hua Gong.
    Jing tells me it is a moving Wai Dan form. It should be interesting.
    Wanted to rep you on this post, but rep is disabled in B&G. That said, Be Good! ;) I'm really glad they're getting this figured out Tim. I have no doubt you'll be ready for your seminars. Thanks for updating us. :asian:
    Good man... busy as hell... the point of silliness with a lot going on at work so I'm playing good soldier (as it were) & rolling with the river...
    Hey Xue,

    Just seeing if your alright haven't read any of your posts in awhile so just making sure your still alive??

    Hope everything's well, have a good weekend!
    I haven't been online much this week because we've been on vacation. Now I'm gonna have to browse and find out what's going on. Whatever it is, try not to let some of the flack get to you my friend. :asian:
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