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  • Congrats on going back =)

    Yea I saw those 2 WU Style in NYC but after contacting the website they advise that they dont have a school and that I should look at the Learning Centers tab, so I did and saw only someone in New Jersey but its very far from NYC. But look what I found here ..

    Ying Jow Pai - Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

    what we teach - Tai Chi New York City ? ? ? ? ?
    Yeah just got an email from MT Just clear some messages, thanks for the school checking it out now.
    how you found it?
    No bother at all. Can you explain the disconnect to me. And my inbox should not be full anymore.
    Yea I can't seem to work more than 3x a week in JKD the classes are so intense and are non-stop moving, I sweat more here than I do when hitting the gym (weight-lifting).
    Training in JKD/PFS been good, been doing 3x a week this whole month of january been learning a lot since I had an unlimited package offer, but seems like too much cardio for me right now. Mon-Wed I attend Work then Gym(weight lifting) then MMA training so its been tiring lol.
    Thinking about taking february off so I can see how my body feels, see other offers available and try free classes in other schools this month.
    As much as I like MMA (JKD) because its straight forward Street Fighting there's something missing, yes that GREAT FEELING u get from KungFu training I never seem to get anywhere else.
    Old Ironsides is the nickname of the Armored Division ( 1st A.D. )I served with in Iraq. That picture is the patch we wear. They got that name from the ship also.
    Anytime would be my pleasure.

    I had a few lessons in Xingyi from my former taiji sifu a few years ago. To be honest, I didn't get the whole thing, but I'd be the first to admit I wasn't exposed to enough to have an opinion. Also the teacher was great at taiji, but he himself just a student of Xingyi. So it wasn't a fair sample.

    I assume you know Alex Dong will be in the Hudson Valley in October?

    Well, if and when I can get some Chen going, I'll let you know. For a while more I'm sticking with the program with the group. After we've gone through that form a bit more thoroughly, I'll see what I can do...

    Hey, XS, you are really a great proponent of CIMA on this site. Also, we had a private exchange a few years ago about taiji, Ren Guangyi and Chu Gin Soon if I recall. It's too bad we're not in the same place. It would be a pleasure to train with you.
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