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    What do you call yourself.

    I just tell people I box. If the person is seriously interested or another MAist, I will go into more detail, but for the most part "boxing" is a good general statememnt that is honest without drawing unwanted attention. Most people just go, "Oh, cool" and leave it at that. Which suits me...
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    Kenpo/kempo vs. muay thai

    One steps are... well, I have nothing good to say about them except that maybe they are good for kids to get used to having a punch thrown at them. So I won't say any more about them. My advice, and what I have done with all my TSD forms is to explore the bunkai on your own. Dig deep, look...
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    How would you have restrained this guy?

    This is why they make Snus and Orbs... No excuse. Another thing about diplomatic immunity, it means WE can put him through our CJ system, it doesn't mean he won't be punished. His own country might pursue charges against him. Then again it might take some political pressure from the US to...
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    A Magical Martial Art: Is There Such A Thing?

    My favorite part was his challenge to Rickson Gracie. Then... I found this link at the bottom of the page... now I have seen some bad scams.... but this one takes the cake.
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    Orange belt test tonight

    Congrats Manny, keep up the good work!
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    I.... I... I feel.... violated...
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    Low or High Ranking Teachers

    CMAs too, lol
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    post a pic of yourself......

    yeah, they are, didn't think about that! lol Problem fixed :)
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    post a pic of yourself......

    Okay, here's mine. This is just before a demo we did at the Chinese New Year celebration this year.
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    Low or High Ranking Teachers

    I don't know, I know some people in there 70s that have been doing it for most of their lives. They don't have high level dan rankings for several reasons, in all cases they never cared to pursue it. in two cases, it was because they were not Korean, they didn't care, they love their art and...
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    Low or High Ranking Teachers

    A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of rank. If I have a good teacher and they have 5-10 years in an art, they will always have that time on me. That time brings more experience and understanding. This is one reason why I switched over to TCMAs First, it is unlikely that you'll find...
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    The right Martial Art

    To the OP, Steve Just above me here has given you some sound advice, I would take it. Somethings to consider is how to transition your TKD into grappling. My personal opinion is that TKD is very strong in long range and medium range combat, but weak inside and grappling. Judo might offer you a...
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    The right Martial Art

    If you're going to get caught up in semantics and argue the chinese terms, at the very least get the terms right. 佛教 f籀jio is Buddhism 禅宗 ch獺nzōng is Zen Buddhism, or 禅 ch獺n for short, but only in context as it also means meditation (which may or may not...
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    Creating New Martial Arts

    Thanks, great thoughts, and thank you for sharing them! I feel much the same way, with some much offered in my area, I really can't see the need for a new art at this time either. Then again there is a difference between a new art and a new system all together. Systems split and split some...
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    Creating New Martial Arts

    I think you missed the entire point of this thread. Thanks anyways.