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    *WARNING - LINKS TO PAIN AND INJURY* how is this possible?

    I have to admit that is some of the grossest stuff I've seen.
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    Non sine wave form videos?

    try this site
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    The Martial Arts Mentality

    I would bet that the guy talking in the video was the kid who got his head dunked in the toilet.
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    who have you met?

    I used a urinal next to The Undertaker. Several years ago there was a professional wrestling event in St. Louis. I was at a night club that evening and I guess after the show alot of the wrestlers decided to go to this same night club. I used the restroom and The Undertaker and a few more pro...
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    youn wha ryu

    The Grandmaster Han schools are all over in my area. I too am from missouri. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I am going to be honest. When people on this site begin talking about "McDojos", these are the schools that I think of and make my comments on. You will never be allowed to...
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    Art most commonly trained in for high-risk careers...

    I would say that whatever the art may be, it most likely has a lot of joint lock and takedown techniques.
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    McDojos and 'The Worst Martial Art': A Controversial Question

    In my opinion, a "McDojo" may be doing the same moves as a "legit" school, and they may have shady business practices, but where the "McDojo" really falls short is the lack of theory and application in those moves. The instructor at a "McDojo" may have a legit black belt, but that does not...
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    what was the point of that?

    We do something in our class, I think it is called Bunkai. Don't remember the name exactly, but we'll take a couple of moves from a kata and with a partner try to figure out what the application of the moves are. It is interesting to see all the different interpretations. We were told on a...
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    help locating a grappling school

    Ok the fact that you found those in roughly less than a minute makes me feel really stupid. But I swear I searched for a couple hours and came up empty. Maybe I need to take some web searching lessons too. Thanks for the help.
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    help locating a grappling school

    I'm looking for a place near the St. Louis area. I have seen some websites where you can type in where your looking and it will locate the nearest martial arts school for you, but I can't seem to locate any grappling schools. I assume there out there, because there are amateure MMA events in...
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    help locating a grappling school

    Could someone direct me to a web site that could help me locate a reputable grappling school? I am interested in Jiu-Jitsu, but Judo would be good too. I've tried searching but am not coming up with much.
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    Cross-Training JKD with....

    How can it be contradictory? My understanding of JKD, according Guro Inosanto, is that it's all about "cross-training". JKD isn't necessarily an art but a concept. It is a way to use whatever you know and transition fluidly within any style. Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems "cross-training"...
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    Are you doing the one you wanted?

    When I first started (years ago) it was because of circumstance. As it turned out it is a place that I would have chosen even if I had other choices. My instructor is very knowledgable in many arts and incorporates them into our classes. When I say knowledgable I mean he has studied with many...
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    Parent With A Question

    I would say, take him to the tournament and see how he does. I'm glad you're excited about his progress. I also have a 7 year old son who loves his karate class. I am proud of what he does. He may not be the best in his class but somebody is always the best. Right now your son has an...
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    Floor washing?

    Perhaps it's just too much for the instructor to do alone and has used this as a way to get the housekeeping done without taking up alot of his time. Maybe?