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    How do you handle burn out?

    If you are a true Martial Artist You will find that you will continue training even when you are doing something else, and if you don't , then you were not a MA to begin with, and should move on.
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    Leading senior citizens to the "Dark Side" - Right or wrong?

    Martial Arts are a double edged sword, Like Traditional Chinese Medicine , the knowledge can be used to heal or to harm, it is not the art that is good or bad, it is the intent of the practitioner. what is the intent of teaching martial application, or learning martial application, to threaten...
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    Teaching assertiveness from a young age.

    this is related to the expression of virtue in our MA and kata . Many kata are taught with a defensive move at the end of the form. We are in position, we are justified in our actions, (the technique of the kata), but , we choose to spare a defeated or inferior opponent (the sword that gives...
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    Is this legal in Bayarea California to carry out?

    In the USA in general it is Illegal to carry any weapon other than a legal firearm for the purpose of self defense.
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    GrandMaster Steve? Who qualifies as an authentic Grandmaster?

    Not the Chess you are thinking of, the game of GO, which is a strategy game that requires the same depth of mind to play. IMO Grand Master in MA is a misnomer , it is more like a professor as distinguished from teacher.
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    The Proper Horse Stance?

    As far as I understand, No , that is not correct. actually the stance you describe , has several names in Okinawan karate, Shiko-dachi (usually low stance ), Soto-hachi-ji-dachi (a little higher with feet a bit closer together), in both cases the back is allowed to arch naturally and is...
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    Does punching vertically really decrease the chances of breaking your hands? How do you do so when you hit that way?

    preventing injury to your hands when striking has to do with a straight wrist and the alignment of striking knuckles to the Radius bone in the arm. One punch does not work for all striking. A vertical fist is used to attack the center line, If striking overhand or hooking , the fist must be...
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    sports where you are struck in the head , or repeatedly slammed on a mat, as we age our body can not take this kind of punishment. Otherwise it is more a matter of how you practice , rather than what you practice. I'm 65+, train every morning and regularly during the week (have for...
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    Beginning again late in life

    you said you want to study a martial art then you selected two sports to train in. Do not confuse a exersise program with martial arts training. Discipline your self, lose weight exercise , try biking, swimming and the like which are good cardio but low impact. Then find a traditional...
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    Only if they understand that a fight of this unequal nature is won and lost before it begins. It can not become a contest of strength or skills, the smaller person needs the advantages of strong position and suddenness (surprise), and must understand how to keep advantage once gained. The...
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    If someone is not attacking you, why are you attacking him?

    Karate is sente! sente=initiative Choki Motobu
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    SD is avoidance

    When the mind is right, the sword is right. When the mind is not right, the sword is also not right. He who wishes to study kendo, must first study his mind. Toranosuke Shimada
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    So what does everyone think about Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics due to her mental health issues?

    IMO - this did not just occur , her coaches should have known better than to put her in this position, She should not have been on the team. Once she quit on her team mates she should have been replaced and sent home.
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    Are belts the way to go (from a brown belt)?

    No do not leave, stay, PASS THE TEST, then consider leaving. Do not teach your self its ok to quit, all the confusion that happened to you at the test could happen in a real confrontation, face it, overcome it, evaluate, move forward. I am 65+ , learning to ride horses, I've been thrown...
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    Beginner want comment on cane fight practice

    Many of the movement you are using are similar to Kendo, I would add exercises the develop and co-ordinate the body for striking. For instance the legs and core (torso) have a lot to do with power in striking, there are many video's like this one that teach how to develop the legs and...