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    MA in the modern day

    Okay, before I start here, let me say this: Miles, if I took your comment out of context (no pun intended), my apologies. Now, then, this comment came up in another thread, in order to avoid the thread drift Miles mentions, I thought I'd put this up in a new thread. Reading this (speficially...
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    Chung Do Kwan and KKW

    Been following this thread with great interest. A very interesting read, everyone! While not perfect, IcemanSK, and while it translates only the typed text and not the text on graphics, here's the Babel Fish translation for you. :)
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    Programs are amazing

    Great. Now you've got my curiosity. :D Guess I'll have to be patient and wait. :tantrum: ;)
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    Programs are amazing

    Congrats, Terry! I'm glad to hear it's working out for you. :) Looks like: is well on it's way.
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    Bad school(s) disrespect student of teacher

    :hb: By all that's dark and unholy (Brussel sprouts come to mind), what was the owner thinking?!
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    Quick question about uniforms

    Our sabum nim is fairly forgiving on this aspect - so long as you're a white belt who's in their first week of ever taking TKD. :) After that, you get very sternly reminded that it's "DOBAK", not "GI". And, afaik, blue and red belts get 50 push-up, black belts get 100. At least, that's what I've...
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    Recieving rank or earning rank

    But I like it when you're on your soapbox, Terry. Whether or not I agree with you, you always give me something to think about. In this case, I do agree with you. Being promoted "just because" just doesn't sit right with me. It's like passing a student in school because "failing would hurt his...
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    Power of Kihap

    I am one who is a firm believer that there is something to the concept of chi/ki/qi/(insert appropriate spelling here). Something. But not that much. ;) I actually felt kind of sorry for the old man. What a rude awakening!
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    board breaking

    I saw a video once of someone breaking two boards like this. At first, I thought, "This is cool! I'd like to try that!" Then they showed the slow-motion replay. They showed just how his fingers bent before the board broke. :jaw-dropping: I think I'll wait on that one, thanks... :-)
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    Bad school(s) disrespect student of teacher

    It's comments like this that make me appreciate my school even more. Everyone at the school is very respectful. Sure, there's the odd slip-up, but that can happen with anyone. For the most part, though, I find the other students a prime example of courtesy. (Well, except for one kid. There's a...
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    Some good TKD drills and techniques

    Holy cats! I missed that one when I was watching. All I have to say is: OUCH! :jaw-dropping:
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    ITF World Championship Higlights

    I think the thing I like most about this video is the clips of him performing patterns. No second guessing, no hesitation. Start a technique, finish it, move on to the next. Just comething about it that I can get tired of watching.
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    Koreas ITF Demo team

    I love watching this video. Can see it enough. :) Especially the bit of comedy they insert into the one demonstration. :lol:
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    TKD Video VS MMA

    Every time I see a "TKD v. MMA" video, I always see the same thing: MMA feints high, TKD attempts to block, MMA shoots under the raised arms for a take-down. What I would like to see: MMA feints high, TKD fakes a block and goes into a rear leg front kick, MMA shoots in and catches a heel to the...
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    Here is some more ITF video

    A good video for people who think TKD is all kicking and has no kind of hand strikes or joint locks. Love this vid, along with the others you've posted today. Thanks, Terry!