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    Relation between Taijutsu and Taihenjutsu

    Thank you Chris. I was using the word Taihenjutsu as very general term.
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    Togakure year's theme

    Really interesting. Please give us some more. Many thanks.
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    Relation between Taijutsu and Taihenjutsu

    Hello, I try to understand the physical relation between Taihen and Tai jutsu, in order to set up my physical training. Is it true to say that the physical skills to perform Taihenjutsu encompasses those required for Taijutsu? I hope I'm clear, my english is not that good. It's up to you. :)
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    Kata To Start Off The Year

    About the link between Gyokko and Togakure ryu. I've read on the Genbukan's forum that Tanemura Sensei put some of the "Tonkatsu no kata" in the end of the Gyokko Ryu Video.
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    Sveneric Bogsater Video Clips!

    Isn't the first video about "Omote Gyaku"?
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    The rant thread

    Can you please explain further what are these cues?
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    Traditionnal physical conditionning exercises

    Hello y'all, Are there somewhere, in the depth of the densho, some traditionnal physical exercises for building up the heart and the muscles?
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    Because the size of Ego grows with the rank?
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    And it's even more odd for me. The Bujinkan in France is torn between factions who want the power over maybe 800 people. It's ridiculous, but also a shame for so called "Men of example". Oops I think I stepped on a landmine :uhyeah:.
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    I tried to say that my teacher and many people i've met are telling that Ishizuka Sensei is a great teacher, and it's enough for me. What's bugging me is the fact that its very difficult to trust someone in France.
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    Right, my heart and my brain (and a little bit of google) told me that the case of Ishizuka Sensei is something recurring in the Bujinkan. So I decided to stop searching and trust the word of many. It's a good teacher and Basta. Accept my apologies for the noise. Sincerely
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    @ Nimravus, my teacher isn't the a famous student of Ishizuka Sensei. This student introduced him, but nothing else. @ Bydand, the weather is so ugly in my beautifull country, so full of cheese and children quarells that I prefer get the info and make a long work of reflexion. Now for me, it's...
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    Posting on kutaki was my first choice, but the overtouchyness of some (nothing personnal) and the political nature of my question prevented me to do so.
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    Misses and Misters, First of all I'd like to apologize for bringing what is certainly a political question in here. In a report of japan training from a french person, I can read some kind of underlying non-argumented dissing of Ishizuka Sensei. The question I ask: is Ishizuka sensei badly...
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    Please help a clueless person...

    Someone shall bite and kick and punch my face but... The advice about the teacher is highly valuable. About the art in itself. The Majority of the schools teached in the Bujinkan are not that different form the classical Jujutsu schools (very roughly said). The difference lies in the spirit...