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    What is a good basic martial art training program if I have back issues?

    I would recommend Yang Style Tai Chi or Chen Style Tai Chi . When you learn the basic's you can eventually depending on your teachers knowledge learn the internal energy side for healing.I start my Chen Tai Chi journey this coming March due to various injuries over the last 45 years that never...
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    Back injury and kyokushin karate

    I was having some lower back issues just over a year ago due to belly fat. I went on the Keto diet and lost 25lbs and resumed training without any back issues.
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    Which style of karate would you consider most “complete”

    I have to agree with Rusty B. I have studied a variety of martial arts over the years (30 plus years) and find all arts to be beneficial. Find one that suits your current needs but you may find another one in the years to come that may interest you as well. I am by nature a curious person and...
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    Why do Japanese arts use the Japanese language?

    I asked my Aikijuijitsu teacher why he doesn't use Japanese terminology and he said its because we don't live in Japan. He then asked if I had a problem with that. lol
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    Hapkido schools a dying breed?

    Then it didn't happen.
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    Great resource for those interested in Kenpo distance learning

    Definitely worth trying it out.
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    Great resource for those interested in Kenpo distance learning

    If you received your black belt many years ago in Kenpo and wanted to use this as a refresher then this would beneficial. Lots of free Youtube Kenpo videos online by very reputable instructors that I would recommend investigating. I am currently using Youtube and reviewing a complete Hapkido...
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    Hapkido schools a dying breed?

    We have at least 5 Hapkido schools in my part of the country. Some of the TaeKwonDo schools in my area have even reached out to my Aikijuijitsu teacher for student instruction. I have a friend who teaches Hapkido a few hours away from my home as part of his TaeKwonDo school. Some of his...
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    Hapkido schools a dying breed?

    Do you have video footage of this that you could share with us?
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    The notion that you have to throw/submit yourself in Aikido or get your wrist broken

    We strike and kick in the martial art I practice, Aikijuijitsu. Eyes and throat are not off limits. lol
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    Anyone knows this master?

    That was interesting....
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    If you picked 4 exercises what would they be?

    Go to the Netherlands where my family immigrated from and see a population of 17 million people who own an estimated 22.5 million bicycles. You will see a variety of bicycle designs for every age group, purpose and has a proven overall health benefits. My grandparents from both sides of the...
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    If you picked 4 exercises what would they be?

    I have introduced casual cycling and walking long distances to my exercise routine over the last five years and have experienced great benefits. I made no mention of road cycling or mountain biking. I use to be a runner many years ago and have no more desire to run and suffer the impact of sore...