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    Birthdays Go Here~!

    Ah, yes, dear, Satan has spoken directly to me and given me powers beyond your wildest imagination. It was given to all of us with the birthday of 6/6/6 this year. :ultracool Now go return the cook kit you bought YOURSELF for my birthday. lol Thank you to everyone else!
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    Ill Soo Shik - Instructor generation vs Student generation

    As a person who learns by doing, I greatly appreciate instructor generated Ill Soo Shik. I have always struggled with this aspect of martial arts, but have had many "aha" moments when actually doing ones that have been made for me. I am better able to create my own Ill Soo Shik because of this.
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    Nerd Test

    Oops, forgot to post my score while bashing my husband. :) Well, apparently I'M not nerdy enough to figure out how to post the image either. I got a 29.
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    Nerd Test

    How you got me, I'll really never understand. :ultracool Oh, yeah, your gases are NOT noble either. Ew.
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    Effective Martial Arts Teaching

    It is unfortunate that martial arts traditionally are not taught in the ways stated above. As a professional educator and martial arts student, I see the correlation very easily. I have been out of the martial arts for a few years now for many reasons. One of the main reasons was because of...
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    A New Approach to Basics - very important please read...

    I believe this is an excellent approach to basics. As a student, one of my least favorite parts of the Art is going back and forth doing basics. Actually using those skills in productive ways would not only be motivating but practical as well.
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    Superior TSD check in...

    Here I am! I can't post more because your children are getting into mischief. :)
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    Martial Arts and Sleepwalking...kinda creepy

    Okay, okay, I must clear a few things up for the sake of my husband. :) He's really freaked out by this, but as the receiver of the "creepy" behavior, I can say it's not as bad as it sounds. It's certainly weird, but it doesn't happen as often as he thinks (I think he dreams it, though). About...
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    Ladies Grappling Question

    Amen, sista! I gave birth to our son almost buck naked, 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital. I would have been completely au natural if the stupid nurse wouldn't have stuck an IV in before I could get my shirt off.:rolleyes: I definitely have no modesty anymore. One will have to bear...
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    Ladies Grappling Question

    I was reading over upnorthkyosa's shoulder and felt compelled to respond tonight. Hell, I need to respond to things more anyways. :) I grapple with just a plain ol' Target sports bra. Of course, the ta tas in question are itty bitty so I really could just go with out with no issue. ;) I...
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    Oh, yes, that's me. ;) Thank you for the compliments on our children. I'm quite partial to them. That baby doesn't sleep worth crap, though. :)
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    Hi everyone! My husband, John (upnorthkyosa) finally convinced me to register and post here first. My name is Nicole and I am John's senior student in Tang Soo Do. I hold the rank of red belt though I have taken a long break since having children. I'm starting back up as soon as our evening...