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  • Hey, neat! I don't know exactly what the 'Old Gunners Gym' is, but I was indeed at Camp Foster. I was living in the PMO barracks, which was directly across the street from the base movie theater and in front of the old wooden 'field house' where they used to have the annual 'audio show' with the various stereo dealers. I used to run from the gate at Camp Foster to the main gate at Kadena and back. Since I was an MP, I often would drive over and eat chow at Kadena instead of our chow hall - it was much better food. Thanks for stirring up those old memories!
    Mmmm.... have you tried contacting one of the admin's on this site? One of them may be able to help you. Also, are you getting some kind of error?
    Hey there, I wanted to thankyou for your kind words on the subject of Karate do. I actually do agree with your statements, and I would like to invite you to a site that we have created for my instructor. We have a forum that we talk about classical studies, and it would be wonderful to have you there with us. Here is the site....


    My name is ukeron on the site, please check it out when you can and register.


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