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    Looking for cane fighting classes, seminars, etc. in San Francisco

    Seeking Cane Masters, Cane-Do, Cane Fu, Canne de Combat, or similar instruction in the San Francisco/Berkeley area. Not interested in learning Hapkido (or some other art) for years, before being taught cane fighting. If anyone hears of any class, workshop, etc., please let me know.
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    Goshinkan-ryu jujitsu?

    Thanks! Will look around for the Ryu you suggested.
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    Goshinkan-ryu jujitsu?

    Okay, anyone know of a teacher of the yawara (or kubotan) stick near San Francisco/Oakland/Fremont area?
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    Goshinkan-ryu jujitsu?

    I am after instruction in yawara-stick, and so far, this is the only style I have found that is known to include Yawarajutsu. Apparently various juijitsu, karate, and aikido 'ryu' teach it, but I have failed to track down specific ones...other than Goshinkan-ryu.
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    Goshinkan-ryu jujitsu?

    Anyone know of a dojo near San Francisco?
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    Iron Palm training in Bay Area, CA?

    Besides the many Shaolin teachers here, does anyone know of any other classes teaching Iron Palm, within reach of BART trains? I'm looking for actual class-not private instruction, seminars, workshops, etc.
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    RE: Lesser Circulation

    Anyone have Chi-kung techniques for the 'Lesser Heavenly Circulation' they want to share?
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    RE: Lesser Heavenly Circulation of Qigong

    Anyone have favored technique for opening the 'Lesser Circulation' , or to strengthen it once opened, I'd like to hear about it! Thanks.
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    Sun-style Bagua?

    If anyone knows of a sifu or instructor of Sun-style Bagua, doing actual classes (no private instruction, workshops, etc.) anywhere within California, please let me know! Thanks.
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    Hello All!

    I found this forum by accident using google search for Sun Bagua. Currently live in Bay Area, but preparing to move (no Sun-style Bagua teachers here!). If anyone is looking for teachers of specific martial arts in the San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont me, as I've...