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    Has MMA surpassed traditional MA in its effectiveness

    Back to the original post, "Has MMA surpassed traditional MA in its effectiveness? In it's all encompassing, unqualified form the answer to the question would be a resounding, "No." I watched MMA go through it's labor pains and was competing in it at a very amateur level before it even had a...
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    Southeast Asian Grappling systems?

    Indeed, grappling is grappling to greatly simplify. The only real differences are cultural, ethical, personal or sportive (i.e., background and goals resulting in the unconscious or conscious rule set limiting the movement and applications).
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    Southeast Asian Grappling systems?

    Interesting material above on related arts; however, in answer to the original post, Indonesian Kun Tao Silat certainly has grappling-- empty-handed, knife, stick and utilizing flexible weapons. I've been training in it for years via Kun Tao Silat de Thouars. In fact, several years ago when my...
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    What do you carry in your car? for protection?

    Me-- anything I may need for self-defense is already on me.
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    Yin-Pai Bagua

    What he said.
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    Coming up: Serak training in DC metro area

    Excellent, best wishes to you all. The next time I'm sent to D.C., I'll be sure and look you up.
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    Threat or Menace?

    "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."-- Samuel Johnson. "Hell is full of good intentions or well intended desires."-- St. Bernard of Clarivaux (1091- 1153) Needless to say, I don't like it. There are a myriad of reasons why the system would be more expensive to operate and...
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    Polymer framed Browning Hi-Power

    Now that truly makes no sense at all. One of Glock's major claims to fame is it's polymer "chassis" which is extremely resistant to water and dirt as well as it's lightweight. While I think the polymer Hi-power is silly and ugly for the most part (minimal daily maintenance takes care of any...
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    Fun to watch... but not taijiquan

    It appears to be a very intricately embroidered purse made out of a sow's ear, but sold as silk.
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    Looking for knife fighting footage

    Yep, that's most "knife fights" many folks never hear about.
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    A French Video Clip on Pencak Silat!

    Hmmm, he seems to have good kenpo.
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    Looking for knife fighting footage

    I forgot to add above, and for some reason don't see the edit feature right now, that knife fights between two knowing and willing participants do happen, but that is a rare thing. In each instance that I've seen the results of a knife fight, both participants were sliced up pretty badly.
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    Video-- Seni Silat Gayang Lima

    Ah, here's another one. In this one I can see more departure from what I'm most familiar, but still interesting nonetheless.
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    Video-- Seni Silat Gayang Lima

    I'm sure many folks will see some very similar basics here. I understand that there will be a great deal of crossover within silat, but this Malaysian system just made me smile with familiarity even if it were at the basic level with only a few things. I've seen many silat and kun tao...