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    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    no terry
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    With the kids, I do some conditioning. With the adults, I usually go nuts. Last thursday, I put them through 20 minute warmup, all conditioning, hard as we could go. Gets them ready for a black belt test though
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    Puzzle Mats

    we actually use zebra mats, made in germany i believe. BUT, my instructor paid 7000 dollars for our floor, yipes!
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    Is this disrespectful?

    First things first, ask your instructor! Talk to him, only he can give you an answer. He might not care, but he might. talk with him and see what he has to say, give your side, why you want to continue training, if he says no, make a decision on which school you want to go to! hope this helps,
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    And here we have yet another hello from Michigan!

    hello, welcome!
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    The Last Person.....

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    Cheap Shameless Thread

    cheap post
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    Next Poster Game

    no dude terry
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    Best of the best

    gotta love tommy hook kicking the cigarette out of the guys mouth priceless.
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    Next Poster Game

    wroooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!! terry
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    Cheap Shameless Thread

    man im cheap and shameless
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    The Last Person.....

    back to claim my tlpness!
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    Lisa's Lounge

    man, whats a guy got to do to get a beer?
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    Cheap Shameless Thread

    gotta be cheap and shameless for #700!
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    Next Poster Game

    WAIT, no! arni