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    Travelling Kicks

    So what are the key points to note when executing this technique? and during which point of the kick does the supporting leg actually slide? and do you actually push your supporting leg to slide, or do u use the force of throwing ur kicking knee up to sort of "pull" your supporting leg to slide...
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    2010 U.S OPEN Results

    no video replay?
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    Elbow strike to PALM - Why?

    Taegeuk 7 has it too
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    im sick of getting nervous!!!

    damn today had school selections for poomsae and i bummed it because i was NERVOUS. i know i can definitely do better than i did, WAAAAAY better. same thing happened for the last 2 (thats all i went for anyway) poomsae tournaments. i can enclose myself in my own world while doing poomsae during...
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    need some pointers

    ok i cleared my double side kick, now i realised another problem wjhile practicing against a mirror. my horse stances end up facing DIAGONAL! like is there a trick to it? duno if its the steps or the horse stances itself =\ crap
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    need some pointers

    hmm ok more specifically, my loss of balance would occur during the re-chamber of the low side kick - which is also the chamber - for the solar plexus kick and the extension of the solar plexus kick.i thrust too hard i fall backwards. is shallowing the chamber for the 2nd kick an alternative...
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    need some pointers

    well basically im having trouble with the double(or low-mid/high) side kick(the one in Koryo poomsae). i either over-pivot and end up unable to recover into the next step, or i lose my balance. is there something specific that i should be paying attention to to pull off this move with more...
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    tkd movies

    there are drama serials revolving around tkd too, like rising spirit and wind warrior, but they're in mandarin though, taiwan films. so far havnt seen any with english subtitles.
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    Tying hogu onto heavy bag

    lol i dont have an old beat up 1 =\
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    Tying hogu onto heavy bag

    Will doing this damage any part of the hogu? Like especially the shoulder area and the strings? I want to get used to kicking a hogu as well as reduce abrasions on my insteps but my hogu cost me ~ $100 [SGD], wouldn't want to damage it other by other means than kicking.
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    is this depressing?
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    Only clip allowed up

    blazing fast and smooth footwork. wish i could do that.
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    dobok condition

    thing is my pants are turning black instead of yellow. lol. and apart from the butt part, even the thigh part of the pants have black lines when they dont touch the floor. in full dobok they cant be seen yes, but its kinda unsightly when wearing a tshirt with the pants.
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    dobok condition

    so does any1 here wash their uniforms right after they get back home from training? just curious.
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    dobok condition

    but i come back late after training [coz its at night] so theres no time to wash it until the next day. i leave it in an aircon room throughout the night though. =\