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    stomach training

    i have been put though hard body trianing.which is what the old school masters used to help train the body to get used to geting hit and take pain. the main reason for this is that its theres an good chance that you well get hit. hard body well help you trun your pain into power.
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    Ngau Fu

    to tell you the truth i thnk that dude was a big faker it look like he just trying have his 15 min of fame
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    Sword techs

    iam wanting to know if anyone knows any good web sites about katana techs?:samurai:
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    what is every one opinon on the full contact no pads fighting. aka the kamute (sorry if its speeled wrong i cant spell it)
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    The system itself

    i dont know if its still around or not but i used to know an martail arts dojo that tought the original art. you could look it up it was cho's hop ki do and tkd i dont know if this helps you or not
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    wanting to know about jkd

    i have studyed the mentail parts of jkd but not alot of the pshical parts. thinx for ponting out this mistake on my meet and greet i rushed though it i will correct this error.
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    wanting to know about jkd

    wanting to know about jkd jeet kwon do can anyone tell more? i already know that it was refined by Bruce lee and it has alot of frestyle fighting but other then that. thats all i know.
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    waz up fellow martail artists

    hey thinx for replaying
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    testing for black belt.

    martail arts is not just about black blets and who has one and who does not martail arts are inproveing your self my sesai used to blets are good for one thing holding up your pants. its the qulaity of what you know,not the quantly.
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    the CHA-3 kenpo web site

    the CHA-3 kenpo web site if you wish to learn more about this martail art plz vist or just drop me a line
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    waz up fellow martail artists

    hey thix for repalying. i have one question how do i change my belt rank?
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    waz up fellow martail artists

    waz up fellow martail artists,iam new to and iam hopeing to make some new friends. my martail art is CHA-3 KENPO (Central hawaiian activities 3) and iam an 3rd degraee black belt sensai. if you wold like to know more about me or CHA-3 KENPO drop me an line:jediduel: **Admin...