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    Jackie Chan On MMA If I can get in my 2 cents for on this subject. As many of you remember me, I'm a huge MMA fan so while I disagree with what Jackie said about MMA, I still respect his opinion and can understand how watching a sanctioned...
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    Yakuza 3

    This a video of action scenes from the recently released 3rd installment of the Yakuza game series on the PS3: KhQD4LMErqI This seems to have everything you want in a beat em up game, awesome hand to hand combat, innovative use of weapons, grapple as well as MMA-inspired techniques and...
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    UFC Poses No Long Term Threat to Boxing

    What the? This article dates back to 2006, why is it even relevent?
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    Bock Lesner vs. Frank Mir?

    Brock has potential, all he needs to do is achieve it.
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    Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

    Actually Ken Shamrock made his pro wrestling debut in 1988, in 1990 he wrestled for South Atlantic Pro Wrestling under the ring name Wayne Shamrock. He later changed his ring name to Vince Torelli adopting the nickname "Mr. Wrestling". In 1990, Shamrock travelled to Japan, where he competed in...
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    Potent - A Mixed Martial Arts Documentary!

    Looks interesting. Looking foward to it.
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    African Martial Arts

    Well for starters, I made a post about Egyptian Stick Fencing here:
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    African Martial Arts

    I was wondering if you are planning to an African Martial Art section on the forum?
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    Pressure Points in MMA

    Well, what about Bas' Livershot, does that count?
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    MMA=Kickboxing and Submission Grappling

    Wrestling works too, whether Greco, Freestyle or Catch.
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    Gordon Liu

    Finally got to see 36 Chambers, awesome movie.
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    Karl Gotch R.I.P.

    R.I.P The man was a legend.
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    Worst Martial Arts Movies

    Sorry folks, but when it comes to baaaaaaad martial art flicks, none is worse than the ones my country makes, Egypt has made possibly some of the worst martial art movies ever!
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    Mummy 3 (with Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh)

    I'm interested, this would mark the second time Jet Li plays a bad guy, Yeoh is one of the best female Kung Fu stars and one of my favorite Bond girls.
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    Jackie Chan

    I feel sorry for him sometimes, mostly because he's a good actor who wants to prove to the critics he is and he does but at the expense of the profits like what happened with Crime Story and Miracles, two of his best acting performances ever that were critical favorites but were also box office...