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  • Thank you.
    Some days they come out like that and some days they make little sene to even me. But I know what i mean!
    Hey, Where'd the psycho-bunny go??
    I think she was more shocked that I didn't use my hands to steal the donut.... the look on her face was rather priceless! But my lady, what do you have planned, hmm?
    In any and all cases, I am joyed to see you in familiar grounds. Be around, wherever you are most comfortable, and I will be there too.
    Well, ma cherie, it isn't exactly the Zombie Rat I was expecting.... but it's still kinda cute!

    More seriously, how's the poodle?
    Ma cherie, comment ca va? I'm not imparting too much info to rd1 this time, as it doesn't seem to make it through... missed you last night, btw. But I was more than ably kept company on FB....
    Hmm, is that a reference to someone I know there Andy? Is this a result of Jenny's plea? My fees are rather steep, I fear...
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