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    Training with Haumea Tiny Lefiti

    I came across this write up by a student of Tiny Lefiti. Tiny was a student training in Mok Gar from Art Wong. It is know that Ed Parker also trained in Mok Gar with Art Wong and that Tiny had a big influence on Mr Parker. Some have even claimed that Tiny, also a Hawaiian boy, was at one point...
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    Korean War Massacres Sanctioned By U.S. Officers

    I'm not exactly sure what you point is in this. I know it is an old post which I came upon by accident researhing something else. But let me tell you as cold as it may seem, I don't care! My sisters father was a WWll combat vet and hero. 2 purple hearts and bronze star- captured by the...
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    Reading Parker's Infinite Insights

    Don't get discouraged. Every time I read mine I find something new in each volume.
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    moving puzzle mats

    What they do not tell you about puzzle mats is that over time, the microscopic air chambers inside the mats break down with use so eventually these mats squish out. Heat will also expand them if you are in a hot environment and your AC breaks down. Framing works for a while but once your mats...
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    Need helpful info on Kenpo Schools Ft. Lauderdale

    This guy ripped a friend of mine off for a lot of money. Has anyone else been taken? We're contacting the attorney general. If you paid tuitions in full only to have him close without notice within a few weeks of paying him, contact me through MT.
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    Seal Marcus Luttrell

    MAIA is advertising for the upcoming SuperShow 2010'. One of the schdeuled speakers is supposed to be former U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, author of the book "Lone Survivor". MAIA identifies Luttrell as being a 4th degree black belt. Does anyone know what art he holds a 4th black in?
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    11 yr old Kenpo Student mother murdered

    11 yr old Jr. Blk Belt Jamie Cates with her throat slit was able to crawl to a phone and call 911. Her mother lay dead in another room. Jamie is a Jr. Blk Belt at Mont Vernon Karate Studio, an EP Kenpo school in Mont Vernon, NH. Her instructor is Jim Peacock of the Steve White, Lee Wedlake...
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    FMAT: Captain Chris

    He claims to have been a professional educator in the New Jersey public school system. This claim should be able to be verified. Is anyone on here from N.J. that can verify this claim?
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    I just heard from someone ranked in "American Freestyle Kenpo". What the heck is American Freestyle Kenpo? I asked this person that question and the answer I got was "we basically do the same techniques that you do"? So, what the heck does that mean? Teej
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    Good Morning Pam. I found you on here? I am excited! I have not been on MT for a while. I made a...

    Good Morning Pam. I found you on here? I am excited! I have not been on MT for a while. I made a post and BAM - I was promoted from grn to BLUE belt on MT. :) I hope all is well. Did you make it to church yesterday? Tim
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    KT:4 bow stances

    Reverse Bow, Ex, in circling wing- after the upward elbow strike to the chin, you continue the upward motion go into a reverse bow as you hit the opponent with a hammer fist to his groin. As to the point of which are worth discussing, that is someones opinion and we all have that. Explore...
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    Hi, I may be wrong but don't you have Lee Wedlake up at your school conducting seminars? Could...

    Hi, I may be wrong but don't you have Lee Wedlake up at your school conducting seminars? Could be another Conn school but if not, ask him next time about doing 5 swords with 2 knife hand blocks. I have seen many in the N.E. doing it the way you do. Respectfully Tim
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    How do you teach kids self-defense techs?

    For me with my kids curriculm, I change all dangerous strikes. Ex. any chops to the neck become backfists, pokes to the eyes become heel palms. When they older and more responsible, it is easy to change the weapons to the adult version. As for the actual technique, I give the kids shorter...
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    Kenpo VS Krav Maga?

    The Rabbi I know that frequently travels over has the opinion that their knife stuff is outdated. [he is a kali instructor] so when he is there, he trains with their special forces specifically knife stuff. And they do have alot of different backgrounds that they train with. I just heard from...
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    Kenpo VS Krav Maga?

    Not to get off the subject and not to start any arguments, I would like to post a very reliable opinion concerning Krav Maga taught in the US. I know a man that travels atleast twice if not more per year to Israel. Besides being a Rabbi, he is a Kali instructor. He told me that the Krav Maga...