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    Fight night 2004

    i bought it when it came out. haven't really had time to play anymore lately but yes, it is the best boxing sim i've ever played. the new double analog stick control scheme is intuitive and innovative and really works well. now you can actually slip punches and bob and weave incredibly...
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    On the Mat... Online Kenpo Series

    i usually don't prefer to embed video on a page, i just make it easy and provide a direct link like this: but that might not be for you. one last thing i'll say is that the movie is an mpeg, you might have better luck using...
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    On the Mat... Online Kenpo Series

    looks cool Josh, but some people might be having trouble viewing the video. it didn't work for me. i had grab the direct link for the movie from your code to see it.
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    New Punisher Movie

    after seeing the previews for this new punisher, i must say i don't have high hopes for it right now. it's doesn't seem dark enough, or nearly violent enough to be a good punisher movie. but i'll hold judgement until i actually see it.
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    Here we go, Matrix: Rev

    i agree. the feeling i had after watching the two-part feature (forget the title of it), was just pure sadness, depression and horror, all wrapped in one. so much so that i am reluctant to watch it again, because it really just brought me down. after viewing it my friend and i just kind of sat...
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    10th Annual Fall Fling "A Decade of Excellence"- Lansdale, PA

    anyone here wind up attending that wants to post a review? i missed this one. i was up at different seminar in NYC.
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    Road Warrior Hawk - RIP 10/18/2003

    i was fortunate enough to see the road warriors live some months ago at a smackdown! event in Philly. i don't think the match was televised, and hawk and animal were showing their age quite a bit, but it was still a treat.
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    Wrong Karate School...Please Help

    can you say specifically what you don't like about it? if you are basing this dislike on the cirriculum of your instructor alone, then you may be jumping the gun a bit. however, if you feel that the instruction you are receiving is just plain poor, and isn't helping you improve at all, then...
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    pretty well done. good directing....a nice dark daredevil feel to it. great effects (better than spider-man i thought). also a great preformance from collin farrel as bullseye. most aspects of the movie are just average. i didn't even bother to buy this one on dvd. plus there's old ben...
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    Swat the movie

    saw it when it came out. it was a fun, energetic and enjoyable movie. nothing to write home about but i liked it. i would recommend it if you are looking for a good action movie that actually has a bit of a storyline in it.
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    The Garage

    i remember it well. i had it for a good six years. it was an old plymouth sundance. not much to look at but it got the job done. i miss that car. it took a lickin' and kept on tickin.' now i'm a jeep man. i love my new liberty. so much in fact that i may just have to get another one when...
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    Celebrity Martial Artists

    hmm...yeah...i think you're right. come to think of it, screech won his fight. he fought a celebrity that was real old though. can't remember who it was though. i think screech is a black belt in something himself.
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    Insights into Kenpo and Crosstraining

    does anyone think that it would be a good idea to make these "insights" threads into sticky threads? i know they are here to serve the purpose of eliminating new threads about the same topic, but i would say that these threads are going to get lost just like all of the others. if that does...
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    Celebrity Martial Artists

    he was also on FOX's celebrity boxing. i think he beat up Screech from Saved By The Bell and then ran around the ring celebrating like he just beat Frank Shamrock...
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    Need Kenpo Clipart

    are you looking for something more cartoony then like this link or do you want something more serious? what are the t-shirts for? that might give us a better idea of what direction to point you in. and i think all satan's barber is trying to say is that a lot of clipart looks tacky or...