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    foot print billing

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    foot print billing

    Hey thinking of going with has anyone used them or are using them if so pros and cons? I need a billing company asap and so far they look like the best
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    x-mas and a dojo store

    Ok last year I did not have much of a dojo store, but this year I do. I was wondering before I go out and buy thing's that I think will sell. I would like to hear from you what people buy for them selfs, kids or parents in Martial arts? Please give me an idea so I can get an Idea for the store...
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    D-Lux Charity Challenge 3

    just thought it be easier to post the link to face book where all the info is
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    D-Lux Charity Challenge 3

    D-Lux Charity Challenge 3 Host: D-Lux New World Karate LLC Type: Sports - Tournament Network: Global Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010 Time: 9:05am - 5:05pm Location: Madison High School Street: 915 E. 11 Mile Rd City/Town: Madison Heights, MI
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    Who is the father of Karate

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    Karate- Do Logo needed

    Can anyone please Email me a jpg file of the symbol for Karate-Do. I could not find any good ones online thanks
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    Credit Card Machine ?

    Hello Just need some help since this is a new topic to me. I don't have any credit card machines currently and seen some Wireless Credit Card Machine that are free if you use the company. But are there any companies out there who don't take a huge % of the sales? Also what companies do you...
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    back to school time

    So all school owners this post goes out to you. It is almost time for the kids to head back to school. I am just wondering what your doing and how you are planing to get people in to your school. any advice? thanks
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    best insurance i found was got my proof of insurance with 24 hrs of buying it
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    Sundry Charges?

    Hey I recenlty was looking at some martial arts school contract and about to start using them myself but I have seen alot of the agreements have a spot that say _Sundry Charges- What are they and do u charge them at your dojo? thanks
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    Martial Arts Birthdays

    So after thinking as well as reading a lot about martial arts birthday parties. I have one booked now at my dojo for a student who turns 7. What is great he will have 10-15 of his friends the same age at the dojo so maybe 1-2 of them will join with would be great. Plus I get free pizza and cake...
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    A young first degree black belt opens a school...

    i would say watch one of his classes and you be the judge
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    moving puzzle mats

    Garden Ridge is not in michgan do u know the brand of the tape
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    moving puzzle mats

    so is there any way to stop them from shifting any one have any advise for me to stop them from moving