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    What is neo-historical Wing Chun?

    There are no written documents about wing chun before 1950's. There are maybe few photos from republican period (early 1940's), but those have to be confirmed and properly dated by professionals. No other artefacts connected to wing chun exist. Those are the facts about wing chun historical...
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    What is neo-historical Wing Chun?

    I live in Taiwan and I have checked Hendrik's "original" "kuen kuit" with Chinese language teachers . Their concussion is that "kuen kuit" is written by non native Chinese speaker who speaks modern mainland Chinese. In short it is a forgery.
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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    Different people practice for different reasons. Some practice simply because it is a part of their heritage, some because they want to experience different culture, some because it looks cool, some because they are searching some sort of surrogate religion or more as it is popular to say...
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    Why do Ip Man's sons do Chum Kiu different?

    Forms aside , Yip Man's sons look so different that I wonder did they have same father
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    7 bows question

    Oh, it is Hendrik"s theory. I don"t need to know anything beyond that. Thank for the answer
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    7 bows question

    In some thread , someone mentioned "7 bows". I am living in Taiwan for more than 10 years and practicing White Crane ( Zong He and Su he) and Baji quan almost as long as I live here. I was also going to Hong Kong every six month during this 10 years for my Wing Chun study. I have visited many...
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    Branches of Wing Chun question

    I am practicing Snake Crane Wing Chun, it comes from Law Man Gung, as well as Yuen Kai San's and Cheung Bo's style. There are also styles that come from Leung Jan , like few styles of Side Body WCK. Unfortunately, first version of Leung Jan's art was lost, although many claim they are preserving...
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    which plastic tube is the best to build a non wooden dummy?

    My friend uses PVC dummy for decades. He runs a club and that dummy gets beaten 3 times a week for almost 30 years. So, buy PVC pipe with the thickest wall , build a frame ,which is fairly easy, you can easily find plans online and buy the arms although you could build them by your self. Many...
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    False teaching and secret knowledge

    I just shared my personal experience with Cheung, have no intention to fraud-bust him or anyone else. I have found old WC style without much outside influences, but these days I am more into white crane and Thai boxing
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    Yuen Kay San Passing Footwork

    There is a similar step or better word is technique in Snake Crane Wing Chun and interestingly in Bajiquan. It is actually a kick that aims either ankle or a heel of the opponent . Also the angle of the technique\step is slightly different
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    Three Seeds of Wing Chun

    In the style I am practicing there 'snake" and "crane" techniques when we talk about nature of the movements and force .
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    False teaching and secret knowledge

    Having "secrets" today is actually funny. If MMA taught us anything , it is that "secrets" are worthless in real confrontation. Secrets are nothing else but another way to take more money from students. Problem is, if style isn't taught properly, there is sill a room for hiding something, on the...
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    How to recover from this position

    There is very simple solution to this. First , stop thinking how to stop or control but think how to turn bad situation into a good one, which means you have to attack. So, when the pressure is applied to your bong, do not try to fight force whith a force, let your forearm collapse and let the...
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    Kung Fu and a Bit of History

    A lot of effort is put in this article and visually looks good. On the other hand, more research should be done and accurate information should be presented. Disregarding all the inaccuracies article looks unfinished, without a point .
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    Will XingYi Quan confuse / conflict with my Wing Chun?

    There should be Yuen Kai San style Wing Chun in Tokyo, it is a good style, maybe you can try there. If you decide to learn other style I strongly support that. I practice Wing Chun ,White Crane and Bajiquan. Maybe you will have some trouble at beginning, but in time different styles will open...