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    Has there ever been showdowns between the tracey system & epk system ?

    Here in Illinois our Tracy's School had a showdown with a Kung Fu school from the nearby AFB. Let's just say they weren't very good :( . They came to our school, but we let them pick the rules... It's wasn't the fault of the students... Their teacher taught them... ugh... Anyway, the next best...
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    Martial Frankensteins...why the hate?

    The arts are ever evolving. However, as with any evolving entity, it's foundation must be strong; hence, it is not naturally selected against. The problem with a lot of "Frankenstein" martial artists (as you have dubbed it) is that they don't have that foundation. I'm not making accusations or...
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    Who studies Tracy Kenpo?

    1st Dan Tracy's Kenpo; 9 years overall experience; 3.5 years as blackbelt
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    Why do you think kenpo karate is the right martial art

    Kenpo is the perfect balace of hard and soft style. Its adaptability to any given situation makes it realistically achievable in those situations when one must utilize it. We do not conform to the system; rather, the system conforms to the practicioneer, and over time diligence and hard work...
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    One Side, or Both?

    Both sides. That's one of the reasons why I love the katas so much!