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  • Thanks for the info on Richard Wright's album. I'll look around and see if I can find it.

    all the best!
    The funny thing is this. I went round and round with the instructor, my good friend about the style. He called it Lichtenhaur, I called it Scottish Bastard sword. My reasoning was this: The scot highlanders had a system already in place. The Lichtenhaur studied in Scotland for a while, "Borrowed" a few techniques and bang. There are 5 killing strokes a 3 defenses in this system.

    So my friend and I just agreed to disagree and get along with the training system for our national convention and it went spectacularly well. In all honesty he just gave up arguing with me. He said, "Call it what ya want, now let's set a cirriculum."

    We took a poll of favorite class's and the one my friend and I taught came in second. Just a hair behind the bow staff. Oh well, it just takes a special kind of person to love sword.
    Hey Suke, man you have great tastes!! But Coverdale and Plant as good singers?? Phenomenal performers sure, fantastic presence and talent yep, Bruce Dickenson for vocals all the way though! :D Jenna X .. oh, I will send you a msg..
    Tommy Cooper? I though he was just great why did so many not seem to "get" him I think? Too avante garde maybes? Oh, I remember Les Dawson too, he played the piano especially usually I think!! :)
    (german joke) How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb? One.
    (german joke) Man goes to psychologist: "Doctor, I am having a terrible concern, I think I am a dog."
    Doctor: "Since when do you feel this way?"
    Man: "From when I was a puppy."
    :D Jenna x
    Ah Mark thank you my friend :) How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb? Nein! Hope you are well my friend, Jenna x
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