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  • I wish you would come back. :( It's no fun laughing at the facists without you here!

    Unless I was one of the facists to whom you were referring, and if that is the case then piss off!

    Hah! I'm awesome.
    Whoa! Then you take all the rest you need, bro, and get healed. Feel free to message me anytime you want.
    Oh goodness that is that is too kind to me my friend! Ahhh I do not know how to reply to you and but thank you so much because when I hear from you it always cheers me up! And I hope you are getting all your wishes and that both you and your good lady are happy and snug and looked after yes. You take care for me and thank you again! And speak to you soon I hope? All my wishes to you, Jenna xo
    I'm as good as it gets with three weeks to go in another eternal school year. Beginning year #20 in June. :uhyeah: But these days, I just get up, suit up, and show up. :D 'Bout all I have left.
    Your insights and contributions are as valuable as ever, my friend. Thanks for continuing to offer them.
    I can definetly see this - maybe I am just different - to me if I want to know something and someone invites me to pick up a phone and i live in their area code - I am going to do that. I realize that is the person I am and it is differences in this world that makes this world interesting. ::):
    Oh and I think I finally did the right thing - I got off the thread after saying my last words - hey I am a woman. I plan on hitting ignore if I hear anything further - I will not change minds and I know the truth - I would not have pledged the rest of my life to someone without making very sure of it. Thanks for your support.
    That is a very good suggestion - I often told I must remember I cannot write as I talk and I cannot talk as I write. Thank you.
    Thank you I started a thread - I don't know where its going to go - hopefully positively - but it is in General Talk under Detainee Missions in Iraq. Someone had mentioned I should share. Thank you. I guess I wasn't getting far enough into the sub directory.
    Hi Heisaa. At the head of the 'directory' of each forum there is a "New Thread" button. It's in the same place as the "Add Reply" button that you see when you're in a thread.

    If you're navigating via the "New Posts" feature then you're entering the forum at 'post' level. Try using the Forum Jump pick list at the bottom of the thread or clicking on the forum name at the top of the thread e.g. if you're in a thread in the "Beginners Corner" forum, the line of 'links' at the top will read " > Arts > Beginners Corner" and clicking on the Beginners Corner link will take you the directory of threads in that forum.
    Sorry to bother you again but I am trying to figure out how to start a thread and I am still new - could you please give me a hand here - Cheers!
    Think I accidentally gave you negative rep about the "Cultural Differences" thread mate. If I did, then it wasn't my intention, more to do with me being a plank. :) Cheers.
    <P>I enjoy reading your posts very much. They are very well thought out, and very informative.</P>
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