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    Kata or sparring.

    hey jarrod, yes please do. a buddy of mine is currently taking up judo, and he maintains that his dojo seems to place more of an emphasis on "kata" for beginners. and by the way he described it, it seemed more like drilling. perhaps it's more just a matter of terminology between different...
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    Kata or sparring.

    i have to pose this question, do those adept in say, Muay Thai--which have no kata--NOT "move" like martial artists in your mind? you mention that kata teaches you how to step, distribute weight properly, not over commit, etc. i've trained under a couple Muay Thai instructors who...
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    awesome! i'm going to have to check this out.
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    BJ vs. GPS 3? Penn Wants Rematch

    LOL exactly. speaking of Kenny...nicest guy ever. he came in to do a seminar for us a couple years ago. i definitely can't wait to see that match happen. he's come a long way since their first matchup. plus, he's driven in a way GSP is. who knows what state of mind Penn will be at that time.
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    Muay Thai in Atlanta

    oh wow, that is EXCELLENT news!!! well, looks like this place will be bumped up to our number one prospect for when we move down there. thanks for sharing man!
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    UFC: Matt Hughes claims Georges St. Pierre felt greasy

    well...yes, alot of people see him as a douche..and for good reason (especially in more recent years). take the rest of my post and see that i wasn't defending the guy. but read up on some of the stuff he actually does outside of the octagon. the guy does help and contribute alot to his...
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    UFC: Matt Hughes claims Georges St. Pierre felt greasy

    LOL! what's funny is that i was saying after the fight that it's not like Penn lost the belt. hell...he still goes home a champ even AFTER losing. not many fighters can say that. so cheer up lil fella. train harder for those 155 title defenses. i hear KenFlo knocking....
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    UFC: Matt Hughes claims Georges St. Pierre felt greasy

    absolutely. it's a shame given i kinda liked Hughes. sometimes it's hard for certain people to cope with the fact that they were just plain outmatched. now, i'm waiting for Serra, Koscheck, etc etc to come out and complain in the same vein. who knows what kinda flood gates this just...
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    karate moves in mma

    ..what he said :)
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    karate moves in mma

    actually careful there... the UFC started out with practitioners representing various martial arts since it's conception. recall when there were sumo guys, kenpo guys, karate guys...and hell, i remember watching a NINJA guy fill in for the finale of UFC 3 (or around that time) because Royce...
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    Coolest Sci Fi Ship?

    those Veritech fighters from Macross (Robotech), hands down... they turn into giant robots!! c'mon!!!
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    UFC 94 Machida vs Silva Video - Is this a good representation of karate?

    aye, i agree as well. the thing is, his success will hopefully encourage more "atypical" fighters to come out of the woodwork. it'll almost be like how the UFC was orginally meant to be, but without the barbarism. what's funny is that i would always look forward to seeing judo players like...
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    G&P And The Guard i see it, there are still fighters who utilize the guard and are quite dangerous with it. Cerrone, Penn, Mir, etc. i agree with just about everyone that GnP has become somewhat of a method of escape as well as a training focus. and quite frankly, while audiences have acquired more...
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    thai boxing

    the instinct to flinch will slowly fade as time and training go on. my girlfriend also had that same habit when she first started training in it with me, but now, it's all but gone. you guys will probably be working more and more on "hard" defense (i.e. covering, absorbing the impact) as...