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    Bujinkan v. Genbukan?

    All dojos in all the X-Kans are not equal. Do some hunting. Stephane Meunier from Montreal wrote a GREAT book about how to chose a martial art and a good instructor within it. I suggest you check it out as a guideline. Many people who have read it wished it was available back when they were...
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    Alright, we're very excited to be hosting Kacem THIS WEEKEND. There is still a bit of room left so we will accept walk-ins from those who wait last-minute, but we're looking pretty good. Here's a little more background info on Dr. Zoughari. See you there! Martial arts seminar with Dr. Kacem...
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    Being we're at the casino, I went with an Ocean's 11 theme... Only a few spots left and we're three weeks away!
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    Question about Japanese Shihan

    Hey RoninX, Some people wear their rank, some don't. It doesn't matter either way. Particularly with the Japanese Shihan. I'm willing to bet those stars on Kan Sensei's gi were there for use with his Godan patch. Given the date and the freshness of the Judan patch, I'm betting he just got it...
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    Just 4 more days to book your hotel room for the seminar. We're getting nearly 50% off regular rates. :highfive: Details at
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    Fair enough. I suppose I'm taking his following a bit for granted here, but I'll give it a go. I've been to about 12 of his seminars over the last 4-5 years and have spent a few weeks in Japan with Kacem. There's a reason why I keep attending and finally decided to host. I'm also coming up on...
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    Dhani Tackles The Globe!

    It's a cool show. I like the fact that Dhani has no martial arts experience going into these things. However it is a far cry from Human Weapon and other like shows. As an accomplished athlete Dhani is looking to explore national "sports". Some national sports just happen to be martial arts. I...
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    :asian: Just a reminder that a few deadlines are fast approaching. April 9th is the final day to book a hotel room at the guaranteed discount rate and availability. After that date all blocked off rooms will be available to the public and our arrangements can't be guaranteed after that...
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    Offical Ryu Ha studies & Ranking!

    Yes, all the senior Japanese Shihan in the Bujinkan hold Menkyo Kaiden in a few of the Ryu-Ha. Some hold more than others. The foreigners are more tricky. Some of Hatsumi Sensei's early students (Stephen Hayes, Doron Navon, etc.) received Dan Licenses in Togakure Ryu Ninpo up until the point the...
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    Ed Martin on the Today Show

    Nice video, thanks for posting. :)
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    Age, rank, and knowledge

    If you both could take up this matter with each other elsewhere, that would be great. I think it's best we get back on topic. Thanks
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    Changes to the structure of the Ninjutsu forum.

    I don't have an opinion of Bussey either way. It doesn't affect my training. But I do have to correct you on this one man. All of the old school foreigner's first few ranks from Hatsumi Sensei said "Togakure Ryu Ninpo or Ninjutsu or Ninpo Taijutsu" on their Dan Menkyo. Stephen Hayes, Doron...
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    Age, rank, and knowledge

    Here is a snippet from a 2005 public interview in Kwoon with Dr. Kacem Zoughari of the Bujinkan. He speaks of rank in the organization and his own journey. The complete interview can be found HERE. Kwoon: You seem to be steady at fourth dan even though, from what I know...
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    Dr. Kacem Zoughari Seminar / Syracuse, NY

    For some reason, I can't post a "New Thread" in the Seminar Forum, so I'm just going to post it here. Apologies to the moderators. Not sure what else to do. Move it if you must. I tried... May 9th & 10th, 2009 Turning Stone Casino & Resort Topic: Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu Shoden /...
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    Kacem Zoughari Seminar in NY September 2008!

    Aaaahh....I understand now, ElfTengu. Haha...I couldn't agree with you more. I think some people would love to have more lengthy clips to watch. But being the full footage isn't meant for the masses, I don't see it happening any time soon. Therefore, I can't recommend the seminars enough!