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    Suggestions for Good Supplemental Workout DVDs or Programs

    This forum has been super informative and helpful. I'm wondering if anyone has found a good supplemental workout DVD or program? You know, for the days you're stuck at home or can't get to the gym. Nothing to replace training, but something to supplement it. I've heard everything from power...
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    Going from Kempo to Kenpo and Vice Versa

    I've wondered the same thing. It will be interesting to see the replies. Congratulations on your BB in SKK and good luck on your path. It's awesome that you're looking to train/teach at a higher level. Sounds like you're headed in the right direction. Have you thought about starting your...
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    Necessary Background to Start a School?

    Zack, I agree with the above comments. You'll be a fine teacher and if you're good your age shouldn't matter that much. One of the best teachers I know started when he was 22-23. A few questions- What do you mean when you say your teacher is a bad businessman? Did they give you any...
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    The Teacher/Student Relationship When It Becomes a Business Arrangement

    The backstory: A friend in the local martial arts community wanted to open his own business teaching martial arts, I think in TKD or a related discipline. He had some background in TKD and is likeable, a coach for his kids' sports teams, easy going, and is well regarded. He was laid off from...
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    Necessary Background to Start a School?

    Hi Zack, it sounds like you would be a great teacher and are thinking of all the right things. Opening a small business is something that takes preparation and market savvy as much as martial arts skill. Most Chamber of Commerces offer free small business advisement to people thinking of...
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    Thank you, Daniel. Very well put.
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    Thank you to everyone who replied. To respond, I've seen three self-titled masters recently, each gave me pause. 1. The Newbie Instructor - a novice teacher, under 30 years old, but did study the art for 10-15 years, wanted to be called in and out of dojo and put such titles in ads, did get a...
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    The Title of Martial Arts Master

    We have one relatively newbie teacher in our area who refers to themselves as "Master" and wants to be formally addressed as such. Your thoughts? Some of the most accomplished masters I've encountered never refer to themselves as such, but others refer to them respectfully as Sensei, Sifu, or...
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    After Training Kenpo/Kempo What Style Did You Do Next

    For kenpo/kempo martial artists who left to study something different, what type of martial art did you pick next? For those with black belts or a lot of expertise in kenpo/kempo, what styles are most complementary? What helped take your training to the next level?
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    Breaking the spirit?

    Thank you for posting this thread. I've seen the same thing happen at some schools and watched this happen to one particularly gifted young teacher to his disadvantage. I think martial arts should be about enlivening, strengthening, and healing the spirit.
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    Is Kenpo in a decline?

    That's not to say there aren't some incredible kenpo and kenpo/kali martial artists, but the few bad apples in the kenpo world are truly atrocious. Usually the online connentaries/complaints/reviews say it all about them. Everything from students suffering actual harm to the more slimy...
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    Isolationism versus Exploration in the MA

    Really good thread. I agree with the poster that exploration is a good thing as is testing techniques should be encouraged. I've seen the isolationist speech at some dojos, too. Most recently I had a teacher tell me that exploration or cross-training "is disrespectful to the lineages of each...
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    Is Kenpo in a decline?

    This is a good thread and important topic. I agree with Bob's observations that kenpo is in decline. At least in my area, you can see it. The reasons? Some of what I've seen include 1) outrageous pricing (2x or 3x the cost of competitors) 2) really, really problematic behavior by leaders of...
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    Philosophy in the martial arts

    If you step back, patience can be a component of being "Brave" in the sense that it can be very courageous to persist patiently in spite of hardships. In can be part of being "Reverant" in that great faith often requires great patience. And it could fall under "Obedient" for if you're...
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    Philosophy in the martial arts

    I think this is an interesting and valid post. Recently, I overheard a music teacher describing patience as one of the highest virtues and it gave me pause too. The teacher meant patience in the sense of persistence or that repeated failures are necessary to master an art. I can see the...