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    Whey Protein Anyone?

    I take EAS brand's 100% whey protien as advised by the store owner. But recently there's a girl who comes into the store I work at who works at a health food store and she has started bringing me samples of different types of whey and omega 3-6-9. I'll let you know if I find any of it to make a...
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    which bag do you recommend?

    My roomate filled up a padded bag with cement. He eventually snapped it off its base with a spinning back kick. They're meant to have give and even fall over.
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    JKD in UFC?

    It's possible that the idea of JKD shys away because MMA is just full contact competing and not actually reality based. Could be something I'm not thinkin of too though.
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    A different kind of question, photo critique requested

    I'm partial to a shallower depth of field and a wider frame. Also, get some lighs and play with shadows a little bit more. Cold steel blue gels would bring a good feeling to the pic (as well as the name befitting it). Show more pics, I'm sure you didn't just take two pictures. I do like the...
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    Where is everyone from?

    I'm from Vancouver BC. One of the most beautiful places to live in the world (usually). But in terms of the martial arts community, we've all got some ego problems. I think it's because it's a Film town myself.
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    Weird place for this but...

    Alrighty, then. I'll make due with what I have at hand.
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    Is it ok to think that Martial Arts is none of "their" business.

    Many practicioners have stereotypical notions of what non-practicioner's notions are. I try not to presume I know how somebody else sees the world, especially when I generalize.
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    Weird place for this but...

    Yes, I apologize both for my lack of net vocabulary and the placing of this thread. I just consider my self just a striker as my background is TKD, combat Kung Fu, WuShu, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. I'm too ambiguous to fit into one place so I find myself browsing over the other forums.
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    which bag do you recommend?

    Get a hanging banana bag, if your place and space allow for it. Otherwise I reccommend the wavemaster XL. Forget about BOB, he's made of rubber and his head moves like he is. Do your accuracy training in sparring and with mitts instead. Use the bag to hone your power and technique.
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    Capoeira video - Lateef Crowder

    Also check out the work he did with Zero Gravity at . But as if nobody has mentioned the group before. All of these guys should have jobs doing stunts by now. I think they actually may all have been picked up to tell you the truth. The ZG stunt team has been on hiatus for a...
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    I need advice on front roll

    One way I found helps to teach people is to tell them to touch fingertips and pretend you are cradling a baby. And then do the roll without hurting or crushing the infant. people seem to roll better envisioning an innocent human life in their care.
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    Weird place for this but...

    If there's a Grappling thread wouldn't it also be prudent to have a striking thread? Any thoughts? Any response from admin?
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    Word Association

    It's not winter= I really hate snow.
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    Jump kicks or standing kicks?

    It really depends on the situation. But more often than not for me I'd only throw a jumping or turning kick of any kind as a fake or a "pre-strike". Only a handful of times has anybody been slow or foolish enough to get hit by one. I could just have been throwing inefficient kicks though... been...
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    Is it ok to think that Martial Arts is none of "their" business.

    It's as much their business as you want it to be. But if you do keep it a secret you run the risk of looking shut in or guilty for one reason or another. I just tell people that it'll take too long to share my entire background since I don't have a rank and that I've been training in various...