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    What does my body type need?

    The human body is designed to do all of the things from walking, running, punching, kicking, grappling, and so on. Some of us are better than others, but it's probably more due to preference than a body type. Sure, some of us are blessed with certain genetic attributes that might make our body...
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    Motivation has taken a knock - inches away from quitting

    Working yourself back into shape is tough and it sounds to me (not a doctor) that you started too soon after your illness. See if your club will let you scale the work and then you can work your way up. If you don't, you'll tax your immune systems even more causing you to catch every illness...
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    big fight night :)

    Good luck!
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    Some more thoughts on "anti grappling".

    Yes!!! :)
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    1st Degree Black Belt Test Pictures/Video

    Congrats! The real training begins they usually say. :asian:
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    Some more thoughts on "anti grappling".

    That was awesome. I'm now thinking about getting an tattoo of a octopus submitting a shark!
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    Which is better for stand up Bjj? Wrestling or Judo?

    Yeah, not clean, but probably good for a four point throw. :)
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    Which is better for stand up Bjj? Wrestling or Judo?

    You must be referring to folkstyle (college) wrestling. In this style of wrestling, you have to control the opponent's fall until your knee touches the mat. You're not allowed to slam or dump your opponent. Check out some of the throws in freestyle and Greco-Roman (Olympic wrestling). There's no...
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    Why HKD?

    Hapkido chose me.
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    We should be nice on the boards

    That's some tough talk from the once very tanned and blonde, "Stunning" Steve Austin...
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    Requirements For Having Names

    Good info. Those dern pesky Christians...always adopting stuff. ;)
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    When to train in MMA

    When preparing for an MMA fight. :)
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    I'm back...again!

    Thanks! I do have a place where I'm going to train, I just won't be starting until November/December. Youth wrestling season starts soon and funds will be needed for that first (new shoes, USA Wrestling Card, etc).
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    I'm back...again!

    Hello again! I originally joined MT way back in 2006, can't believe that's just two years shy of ten years ago. A little about myself to refresh the memory of those who were here when I was active and an introduction to those who came after my absence. I was a wrestler in my youth (played...