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    Tai Chi as a combat art pt 2

    My post was not directed at you, nor did you give the impression of magical or shooting qi from your body, i was just making staements based on what many think of qi, i beleive you are not the typical. there are many doing this, and it is a good thing. the translation of chinese to english is...
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    Tai Chi as a combat art pt 2

    As stated I was only nameing a few of the principles of tai chi, there are many more and as stated each have many layers, including relaxation, stillness and movement, and continuos movement, these take on a whole new meaning later on. though qi is not the real goal of the internal martial arts...
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    Tai Chi as a combat art pt 2

    Tai chi like any martial or health system is based on core movement and principles. Forms and technique can vary, because they are just movement, but core principles are the key to any art. Once core principles are understood they can be applied to anything, anything, thus making any art...
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    Tai Chi as a combat art pt 2

    I was trying to stay away from this, but here I go. First off if you think you can go any where, including china and have some one share "real" tai chi with you, you are sadly mistaken, you are an outsider and will be treated as such. does this mean they are rude and won't do anything? no, but...
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    What is real Tai Chi like?

    What is real Tai Chi like? well it depends on your idea of real. 99.9% of tai chi tuaght and practice is the public version, and there are plenty people good at it, and it is a good system. many variations, but all have the potential of being "real". Closed Door taichi looks very differnt...
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    Do Tai Chi practisers spar?

    Though most do not teach "fighting" aspects of tai chi, the few that do usually do more controlled and slow moving drills. but tai chi does have fast drills and we "spar' quite often, including striking, throwing, and locking techniques. just like any "martial" art taichi incorporates fast...
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    Is it my mind or it happens?

    All martial arts are for whole life, not just the school. The internal arts are more geared toward evryday life and longevity than other arts, so the changes in "regular" life is more noticible. This is a good step and relaxation should be key in all you do. keep it up!!!
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    Tai Chi VS. QiGong

    Though Taichi is used by many as a method of qigong, they are actually quite different. Tai chi is an internal martial art, its complexity usually causes few to ever study it long enough to become martial, so often it is used as a health art, which by the way is equal to slowing down any...
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    DF: Are most bagua styles the same?

    Bagua varies greatly from style to style and is as different as hun gar and choy li fut, though both external chinese arts, they are much different.
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    DF: Doubts about Tai Chi as martial art

    I will not comment on the article, but yes many doubt tai chi to be an efefctive martial arts. the reason is over 90% of people teaching and practicing do not know the martial aspects. also only the public forms are known by the vast magority. Tai chi is certainly a martial art and as...
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    Tai Chi as a combat art?

    this only limits our ability to continually grow and reach higher skills. Though some good arguments can be made about art versus art superiority, it is truly the individual. We can only train in what we are exposed to or have the oppurtunity to find a good teacher in, though we can become...
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    Tai Chi as a combat art?

    Iwth all do respects I have studied juijitsu to agreat extent, as well as Okinawa, Japanese, American, chinese external and internal gung fu. To claim any style lacks anything is to not have studied in depth in the style. CMA's has numerous grappling, wrestling, and juijitsu style arts, in fact...
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    "Creating" your "own" art?

    I am sorry I came to this thread so late. but I beg your pardon so I may add my veiw. What is the intent of "creating a new" martial arts style? What back groud do you have? what rank do you claim now? what rank have you earned, or time in training? A young man once arose and came up with...
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    Interesting class

    Silat is very brutal and the pounding strikes are quite different from other systems. We incorporate silat with our bagua and tai chi, it is a nice compliment to any style. Form application is endless, when you think of throwing, striking, pressure points, energy, locking, and other things, a...
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    Argument Clinic

    What have you had enough of? I thought we were getting along great.