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    Effective Self Defense with never a day sparring?

    That sounds like a really good idea because after seeing the master's power I know that if it can be mastered in a live setting there are great possibilities. I simply do not know how to spar. I do not know the steps to sparring. I mean there is such a methodical process of first learning the...
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    Effective Self Defense with never a day sparring?

    Hi everybody, I visited a bajiquan school today and I got to check it out. The master gave some demonstrations on me and there is no doubt that his power is real. I was really impressed with the guy, in fact kind of unbelievable skill. I really agreed with everything he told me that kung fu...
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    I thought I would greet everybody and say hello. I'm interested in the chinese martial arts and really trying to learn more. I find that the more perspectives I can have about something the closer I can get to finding the answer. See yah!
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    Present Situation of Chinese Martial Arts

    Hello everybody, Can anybody tell me the present situation of Chinese martial arts? I read from various sources that much of Chinese martial arts being taught today are for demonstration/health purposes but the combat root has been lost. Further, I heard that only a handful of masters...