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    La Savate

    I'll check with Janesse and get back to you - she is the most connected to the Savate community. You could check JKD schools out there - especially any that have a connection to Inosanto or Salem Assli, as they tend to have some Savate in their mix. Vancouver is a great place to live and there...
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    Jun Fan & Kali in Toronto, ON, Canada

    Moved once more, to a Chinatown location - 393 Dundas West (3rd Floor), above the Lucky Moose Grocery. Shawn
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    La Savate

    Old post, I know - but Trinity Martial Arts site is now Savate classe are held on alternated Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm - most often taught by Janesse Leung or Scott Redstone (both Silver Gloves).
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    YMCA, Community College, Recreation Center for a Beginner?

    Sifu Jon Funk teaches out of a community centre, and you would be hard pressed to find better instruction anywhere. Location only matters in relation to your ability to get there. I've taught classes out of a community centre myself, and in a park when there were no other options. Shawn
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    Would you train under a fat and out of shape JKD guy

    I think it just depends on if you are looking for a fitness instructor or a martial arts instructor. I know many people people who work as instructors at "fitness" kickboxing gyms who are in fantastic shape - but know only the most basic material (if that). I also know quite a few very...
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    sure signs of a mcdojo and other schools to watch out for...

    There are quite a few legitimate instructors out there who were trained directly by Guro Inosanto, and those ranked under him can also truthfully say "our GM was directly taught by Bruce Lee" - and very few of those people (if any) would fall under the McDojo lable. Shawn
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    May 18 & 19 seminar with Guro Dan Inosanto in Michigan

    I'm pretty sure the seminar is May 16th and 17th (the weekend) and not the Monday and Tuesday as posted above...better be as that is when I've booked my hotel room and time off work :-) Shawn
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    A little Savate...

    Thanks guys, we are basically a JKD group but because we are under Professor Assli we have a larger Savate focus than most. Here's another quick video clip of the Professor showing an "old school" Savate throw.
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    A little Savate...

    Video clip of myself and my instructor doing a few kicking combinations from Savate - Professor Salem Assli is the voice naming the techniques. I'm the shorter/fatter guy. Shawn
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    Does your jkd allow sparring?

    You do see "interceptions" in MMA contests - regardless of if the fighters train them. A few UFC's back one of the undercard fights ended with a cutting straight right "intercepting" and cutting through an incoming left. The gloves offer some protection against intercepting gunts, and the...
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    Best Gloves for Training?

    My wife had trouble with her hands when she started training, and she started using boxing hand wraps - but we trained bare handed for the most part. The hand wraps seemed to help, and she was eventually able to stop wearing them. If you are going to get boxing gloves, and are in for the long...
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    Professor Salem Assli Toronto Seminar Feb 2008 - Jun Fan / Kali / Savate

    As a follow up on the seminar I've posted a couple of short clips on YouTube. This is a bit where Salem demonstrated a throw from street Savate and one where he shows how to control your opponent with your legs when on the ground
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    Professor Salem Assli Toronto Seminar Feb 2008 - Jun Fan / Kali / Savate

    Professor Salem Assli Toronto Seminar 2008 Location: Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai ( 610 Queen Street West (Queen & Bathurst) Toronto, Ontario Canada Hosted By: Trinity Jun Fan & Kali ( Times / Dates: Saturday Feb 3rd 5pm to 10pm & Sunday Feb 4th 3pm to 8pm...
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    Best JKD books?

    Kevin Seamen's Jun Fan Gung Fu: Finding The Path Of Jeet Kune Do
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    Going to Dan Inosanto's Seminar

    Make sure everyone with you takes notes, you might break things up by having one person always try to note the first variation he does, one the 2nd, ect. Guro Inosanto throws a lot of material at you and it will be overwhelming. He rarely shows the same thing twice in a row, and when he says he...