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  • Bob- thanks for running a decent forum.If people continue to be civil this could become an informative forum and a place for good discussions.I have been doing wing chun continuously since 1976. Whatever good things I know uses my wing chun engine. joy chaudhuri,Tempe wing chun
    I haven't actually been to the Systema school yet. It's a good commute and an additional cost on top of my regular classes, so I'm still considering it. Currently, I'm studying Baguazhang and Xingyiquan under Sifu Andy Dale (he teaches Yang and Chen style Taijiquan, and Aikido as well). Here's the website www.wuji.com.

    Are you currently studying anywhere, or are you still looking.
    45 minutes was just a rough guess, according to Google maps it's only about 25 miles and 30 minutes (but traffic sucks). There's actually 2 Systema instructors in the area and they are affiliated with each other. One is in Bellevue, the other in Mukilteo. I'm considering the Mukilteo one even though he's further away because the days he teaches doesn't conflict with my current classes. There website is www.systemanw.com .
    I hold a fifth in Okinawa Karate and a fourth in Tae Kwon Do, I have been praciticing for over forty years. I prefer the kicks in TKD and the overall floww of Okinawa Karate. It makes for a great mixture, I also have done combat Hapkido, Jujitsu and Judo. Any or a combination would be perfect.
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