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    Blog: Shai Hulud

    Blog: Shai Hulud
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    Have you learned any thing??

    Aww, you still remember my name!:woot: It wasn't much, really. It's actually very much connected to what we chatted about last time. Just the process of learning, observing yourself as you learn, and polishing it to your fit of perfection at the end of every day, and repeating this every day...
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    Have you learned any thing??

    Hi-five from a fellow Stoic.
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    Where do you look in sparring?

    The nice thing about sparring is that I never need to worry about other people jumping in, or something in the environment that poses either a threat or an opportunity. Because of that I've learned to focus on looking back and forth between an opponent's eyes, and her/his torso.
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    I'm sorry, but this whole "Anti-Grappling" thing horrifies me

    The takedowns are much more fun!
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    Have you learned any thing??

    Definitely not to listen immediately to what I perceive as my limits, because in most cases I've been able to surpass what I thought was my 100%. I don't doubt myself anymore. :)
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    Have you ever used your Wing Chun in a real fight

    I'm not a WCK practitioner, but I've used some of its trapping movements te help me. Two different occasions I can clearly remember.
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    Last Person Thread #4

    Half-time for the first game of State of Origin. Hoping for another stunning try by the blues!
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome toMT and my personal greetings from St. Petersburg.
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    Is grappling better for female self defense than striking?

    I would then inquire into the content of her training regimen. Is she pressure/stress tested enough to mimic real-world scenarios beyond the safe world of the dojo? Or does she only train as a hobby or for health? It takes a different kind of mindset to make a fighter. In this I believe that it...
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    Strength & Conditioning for the Martial Arts/Combat Sports

    By my standards maybe, but I have students who can do it with a 20kg and 24kg pair.
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    Strength Training for the Martial Arts

    I have just found a Hatha place near my university. I will give it a try after my trip.
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    Field assignment to Moscow and Vladivostok. Be back in a week.

    Field assignment to Moscow and Vladivostok. Be back in a week.
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    Strength training and Bjj

    Can't be stressed enough. The stretching after sessions keeps one supple, and the joint mobility exercises before sessions keeps one's hinges well-oiled for tension.