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    Great article concerning self defense! Very insightful article.
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    VERY Interesting Study On Motivation For Achievement...

    Check this out! Makes alot of sense on what really motivates true creativity and what the world needs most.
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    What's the matter with us? (unprovoked assault, video)

    There are two aspects in our society that develops this evil in people. One is abuse the other is neglect. Remember these aren't excuses for this behaviour and these morons. It's just where this type of evil, and it's nothing less, comes from. Physical mental, and emotional abuse and/or neglect...
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    5 reasons why income inequality is a myth and Occupy Wall Street is wrong

    All this talk of an "economy" that's based on waste and inefficiency, doesn't sound like much of an economy to me...
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    Nobel prize winner and global warming

    "He is arguing that the scientific society that he belonged to stated that global warming science cannot be challenged. That is what offends him as a scientist." I would add that I don't think it's the "global warming science" that they don't want challenged but their position on global...
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    What Do You Make Of This????

    Cops behaving badly? Or just having fun? :confused: :confused::confused::confused::confused: Check it out especially around 0:26 and 0:43
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    New Hampshire family builds off-grid house and farm powered by solar energy. interesting story about what's possible.
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    Is this the same Joe Son that fought in UFC 3? the so called trainer of kimo?

    yes, he always had something extremely stupid about him... now we see why. Hope they throw away the key.
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    Man dressed as ninja arrested at school

    I doubt he'll get any jail time, probably just a slap on the wrist but this Stiffler guy is pretty stupid. With all that's going on in the media, he couldn't find somewhere more private to play ninja. The guy should have thought about it, knives at school, yeah that sounds like a great idea...
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    First scene from new Conan movie

    I'm actually excited about this as the ads have got me into it. Will it suck? I hope not, probably won't be the best Conan movie they could have made but I have a feeling it will be alright after seeing that clip.
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    Flash Mobs and race

    Wired into them? If by this you mean it's not in their dna then no, the way people behave is mostly learned and dependent on their environment, this doesn't excuse this type of behaviour, only gives a reason for it. Compassion just like a lack of it are mostly learned.
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    Just started doing Muay Thai and have huge dark bruises on my this normal??

    See a doctor and tell him you're doing a contact sport and got this bruise, ask him to check it out and he'll give you the right advice, you should ALWAYS consult with a doc before starting any contact sport. It's probably nothing though but you should make sure for yourself. I used to get...
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    Flash Mobs and race

    What about working on that environment? Isn't that what the mayor is paid to do? I'm not saying that these people who are commiting these crimes should get a pass, throw them in jail definetely, but to make the larger problem go away, you'll need alot more than blame, you'll need to improve...
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    Flash Mobs and race

    I think this speech is just a case of the mayor taking the easy way out and blaming hair and tattoos instead of looking at the environment which breeds this type of behaviour and the problems that ensue. It's easy to blame hair and tattoos like it was easy to blame music for all of societies...
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    Did God Create The Universe? Stephen Hawking

    Says who? Considering that it is impossible not to question on the most basic level of human thought, I find it highly doubtful that there is anything that is "not for us to know."