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  • Sup Jon, been a long time bro! Hope everything is going well, I was off for a few months but am back now. Hope all is well........ Joe
    Damn Jon, been holding my breath for you to call but I'm turning blue! Hope everything is alright with you brother. Joe
    Yeah, my father-in-law got super sick and ended up in the hospital for a few days. Had some crazy dehydration.
    What's up Jon? how are things with you? Just popping in to say Hello, Hope all is well with you, Joe
    Hey Jon, How has the hunt for a new place been going? Just dropping by to say HI. Take care, Joe
    Hey Jon,
    If you've got some time why don't you come by for a while and taste test some of the tri tips I'll be cueing up. If you can'y make it, I still burn a couple of dogs for you Bro. Joe
    Hey Jon,
    How goes it with your search? Things still pretty crazy? Just saying Hi, have a good three day weekend Man, I'm gonna. Talk at you later, Joe
    I guess being crazy with stuff like that is better than just being crazy. Glad to hear your trying to build your business. Good luck with that. Joe
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