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    Jamie Seabrook Kenpo Karate Staff Set Seminar

    Hi Friends, On Friday, January 25th, I be conducting a seminar at the Berkshire Club in London, Ontario from 6:00-8:00pm. For this seminar I will be teaching the American Kenpo Karate Staff Set, which is a great set for tournament competition and to improve your overall skills. The cost of...
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    Annual Kenpo Karate Camp in Manfield, MA

    Steve Arsenault's Kenpo Karate Studio Presents FRANK TREJO 10th Degree Black Belt 8 Time World Karate Champion February 8th and 9th, 2008 Other camp instructors include Henry Agri, Moe Caldwell, Mike Cassidy, Sibora Chan, Paul Dawdy, Brian Diffley, Leo Lacerte, Robert Lublin, Dan...
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    Rank From Outside Your Art

    I know someone who was promoted to 6th in Kenpo, as well as someone who was promoted to 8th in Kenpo, and both of their promotions were from instructors who did not study Kenpo whatsoever. I think this is terrible, and is one of the reasons why martial arts so often gets a bad name.
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    Jumping Rank

    When I was with the WKKA back in the 1990s, I know Joe Palanzo went from 8th to 10th. I am not trying to be political, but I do recall that.
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    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    John, Great post. I couldn't agree more.
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    Kanzen Kenpo Update

    Please tell me that you really don't believe this, LOL.
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    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    Great point Pat. I concur 100%.
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    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    That is just crazy in my opinion. And for the record, as per my above post, I hold 1st degree black belts in Kung Fu (1994), Modern Arnis (1991), and Shorinji-Ryu Karate (2001), and I am no longer seeking rank in these systems as I don't have the time nor the desire for higher rank. My 6th...
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    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    While my primary focus has always been Kenpo, I also have black belts in Black Dragon System Kung Fu, Modern Arnis, and Shorinji-Ryu Karate. Is it physically possible? You bet, but it takes a LOT of work. At this point in my life, being married, having two daughters, and a very busy schedule...
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    Grafting is an essential tool. When we learn the self defense techniques in the ideal phase, even if something goes wrong in our execution, we can graft into another ideal phase technique. That is one reason why deleting techniques from the system is a really bad idea in my opinion. Graft away.
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    Film - Protecting the King

    Cool. What did it say about the movie?
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    Why Don't Many of Kenpo's "Top Guns" Spar?

    Good post Michael. I agree with your "in between" drills, but why settle for "in between"? I like your comments about sparring types. I don't like tag-fighting for points. All of my students (and myself) fight continuous with medium to heavy contact, including leg kicks, and take-downs.
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    Why Don't Many of Kenpo's "Top Guns" Spar?

    Great post and analogies. I agree 100%.
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    Why Don't Many of Kenpo's "Top Guns" Spar?

    I think not enough credit is given to sparring.