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    Yeah, she's got some serious skill. The cadence of her forms are interesting. Different than how I perform Ship Soo and Rohai, but very crisp and deliberate.
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    Help!! Is this a McDojo? (Humor + Introduction)

    Greetings and welcome to MT! It's not necessarily a red flag, maybe just a yellow flag.. . but looks like your gym has a multi-faceted revenue stream by offering parkour and gymnastics, along with kickboxing. I'd read the fine print of that contract! You may end up paying jelly beans for...
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    Can anyone tell me about the form taught by Ki Whang Kim, called Shihoken. I've heard that it was taught to him by Kanken Toyama, and that it may be a version of Shisochin (a Goju Ryu kata). I remember seeing it performed at tournaments years ago. I saw this video the other day on youtube and...
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    Welcome to MT!
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    Complementary Skills or Hobbies

    Mostly strength training (powerlifting, strongman, kettlebells, and gymnastics with a little bit of olympic lifts thrown in there). Today's workout consisted 3x3 back squats at 275, 3x3 zercher squats at 215, sandbag shuttle runs at 135, and log clean/press at 145. It compliments my power...
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    Welcome to MT.
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    Martial Artists and TTRPG's/War Games

    I started with 1e AD&D in '88. We quickly moved on to 2e, which came out a year or two later, IIRC. I played 2e through all of its iterations, and held on to it forever, because we knew the rules so well, and we owned so much of the source material. It wasn't until 2012 that I started playing...
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    Martial Artists and TTRPG's/War Games

    Interestingly enough, the first table I gamed, back in 1988 was DM'ed by one of the older teen students in my TKD school. There were two other students that played at the table as well. I had never considered the overlap of the two interests until that recent thread.
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    Martial Artists and TTRPG's/War Games

    Yeah, it's also convenient as we had table members move due to work. But I agree. I remember sitting in my buddy's family room gaming all day and late into the night on the weekend's. Pizza, Pop, and D&D! I'm still playing 3.5e. I was still playing 2e until around 2010. I guess I'm slow to...
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    Martial Artists and TTRPG's/War Games

    Rather than de-rail a crazy thread, I thought I'd just start a conversation over here where it belongs. I've been playing D&D almost as long as I've been practicing martial arts. It seems there are several others on here that love playing ttrpgs too. What is everyone up to? I play weekly via...
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    Very, very discouraged - It seems Taekwondo is not for me

    Ditto, sorry, we're de-railing this thread. Should we start a new one in the "Game Room"?
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    Very, very discouraged - It seems Taekwondo is not for me

    I still have all of my stuff too. In fact, I still play every week. Tonight is Game Night!
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    The Kwans of Taekwondo

    It's just Master Rush, but I really don't get caught up on the titles.. . I totally agree that mindset and method of execution are far more important than the choreography. I just had a student test for his 3rd dan over the weekend. It made me proud that he performed so well, but it was...